Cloudant allows us to grow without having to worry about our database and the data which we are storing.

Sam Lown, Chief Technology Officer, Cabify

Business Challenge story

Cabify initially built their app using the open source database, Apache CouchDB, on which Cloudant is based. However, they reached a bottleneck and scalability and performance. This was only magnified by the fact, that at this time, they were also looking to significantly expand their business and therefore required a database solution that would scale as more users and new territories would be added.


By migrating to IBM® Cloudant®, a NoSQL database-as-a-service platform built for the cloud, Cabify has gained a flexible, extremely scalable data management layer that supports its growth ambitions.


Cabify gains insight from the big data critical to their business with the power and flexibility of the cloud, and monthly, pay-as-you-go billing. Additionally, Cloudant’s fully managed service enabled Cabify to avoid spending additional overhead on database administrators. Through its deployment of Cloudant, the company is able to effectively support it’s rapid expansion while the service enabled (and enables) their developers to focus on their core business.

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