We find that overall, the IBM portfolio has best-of-breed options, when you look solution by solution. We spend a lot of time with the QA products, testing solutions in particular, like Rational Test Workbench and IBM Test Virtualization Server. We also work with UrbanCode a lot.

Denis Mink, VP of Sales, LeftShift

Business Challenge story

LeftShift clients often have complex system environments comprised of legacy and new systems. Those clients need to streamline and simplify development and testing across their diversified system environments.


LeftShift utilizes IBM DevOps technologies and tools, such as IBM UrbanCode and IBM Rational solutions, to modernize the way new systems interact with legacy systems, essentially automating and replicating system interactions within the IT environment.


LeftShift enables its clients to continuously integrate each developer’s code into a common mainline and run tests against it. Moreover, the IBM Business Partner provides a framework for continuous delivery throughout the testing and deployment lifecycle, while also increasing communication between the development and operations silos.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware
  • Solution Components

    • Rational Automated Software Quality
    • Rational Automated Software Quality
    • UrbanCode
    • UrbanCode