Business challenge

To evolve its telemedicine platform into an enterprise-level solution for worldwide delivery, Doctome needed to team with an IT leader offering global data center presence and cutting-edge cloud services.


Doctome created a service-based architecture in an IBM Cloud environment, launching an intuitive mobile app for initiating video and chat consultations with care providers.


Scales on demand

to accommodate delivery to organizations of all sizes

Offers global presence

to support customer requirements for data hosting worldwide

Integrates easily

with third-party platforms and systems for seamless collaboration and growth

Business challenge story

Taking a successful telemedicine platform global

When Doctome cofounder and chief executive officer Itamar Bitton helped launch a telemedicine platform for Israel’s largest health maintenance organization (HMO), patients quickly embraced the solution. “We’ve facilitated more than 600,000 online consultations,” says Bitton. “We’ve seen the power of telemedicine services, and that’s why we wanted to take this to a global audience.”

To evolve its offering into an enterprise-level service for worldwide delivery, Doctome sought guidance from a global IT leader. “We needed to know how to scale our platform in a way that would allow us to easily replicate our solution in different countries,” says Bitton.

Whether we need to support thousands of subscribers or millions, IBM Cloud allows us to easily scale our solution.

Itamar Bitton, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Doctome

Transformation story

Innovating online care with IBM Cloud technology

Doctome joined the IBM Global Entrepreneur program and the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator program for startup businesses, creating a service-based architecture for its platform in an IBM Cloud environment. Teaming with IBM, the business developed an intuitive mobile app designed to help patients quickly and easily initiate video and chat consultations with caregivers from virtually anywhere.

Doctome anticipates further extending the solution’s capabilities with services in the IBM Watson® Developer Cloud portfolio, including the IBM Watson Dialog Service and the IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier Service. “We’re training Watson with medical articles and research so that we can add a layer to our service that automatically fields patient questions,” says Bitton.

Results story

Scaling to meet demand and serving customers worldwide

With the flexible IBM Cloud platform, Doctome can accommodate a diverse range of customer demands. “Whether we need to support thousands of subscribers or millions, IBM Cloud allows us to easily scale our solution,” says Bitton.

Plus, IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure supports Doctome in agilely serving customers around the world. “In many cases, organizations have regulations requiring them to keep medical data in country,” says Bitton. “With IBM Cloud data centers worldwide, we can help them meet this requirement.”

IBM Cloud technology also supports seamless integration with third-party platforms and systems. “The architecture is so flexible that we can easily integrate with both large partners in the global market and local providers,” says Bitton.



Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel, Doctome is a startup business specializing in telemedicine services and mobile health solutions. The company’s offerings include an innovative online platform designed to connect patients worldwide with medical professionals for video and chat consultations at the critical moment of need.

Solution components

  • IBM Cloud Virtual Servers

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