Doors Next Generation offers us the option to really put all our development in specific streams. So we know what’s being built. We know what’s going to be delivered, as opposed to in the past. It was very complicated to identify this in the other tool.

Richard Prigorodon, Business/Functional Analyst, Intact Financial Corporation

Business Challenge story

The insurance industry is extremely competitive, placing significant pressure on insurance companies, like Intact Financial, to stay one step ahead by continually developing and releasing new products and services. For its part, the company sought to move from a waterfall to an agile model of application development, to reduce complexity and improve traceability across development, testing and deployment processes.


Intact Financial deployed IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation software, enabling all development teams to collaborate, manage requirements, track activity and formalize governance of the development process.


As more development, test and business analyst teams adopt the Rational DOORS Next Generation tool, Intact Financial improves collaboration, process traceability and governance. As a result, its application deployment lifecycle becomes leaner and faster, generating significant gains in terms of cost and time.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware
  • Solution Components

    • Requirements Management