Business challenge

This global cement and building materials manufacturer has more than 40,000 employees. With operations in more than 50 countries, the company sought to improve its sales and inventory reconciliation processes. These processes consisted of manual reconciliation of over 1,000 reports per day. The labor-intensive, repetitive and time-consuming process created a high risk of defects.


Step One

IBM determined that this client’s reconciliation process was a good fit for automation. The troubleshooting began with reviewing the existing process. Then, using IBM’s library of business process frameworks, the team mapped out an optimized reconciliation process.

Step Two

IBM reviewed technology options for the new process with the client to help ensure its functional requirements and business objectives were met. Blue Prism, a robotic process automation software, was selected as the optimal technology.

Step Three

IBM implemented a Blue Prism robot that transformed highly manual reconciliation into the following automated process:

  • Log into Citrix environment
  • Run a script to download daily scheduled reports from SAP
  • Run macros to reconcile reports and items
  • Summarize findings for action


IBM optimized the overall sales and inventory reconciliation process flow by replacing manual, repetitive work with an automated process. The automated process helped the client reap benefits not only through a 39% reduction in cycle time and 19% reduction in manual errors, but it also freed up experts who could now focus on higher-value activities.

Solution Category

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