ILOG JRules is helping us refine the compensation rules and see what rules are too difficult to achieve or perhaps not difficult enough. Sales administration is working on being able to do fine-tuning of the rules themselves. And that is a very powerful benefit for us.

IT Manager of Corporate Systems, large Brazilian durable goods retailer

Business Challenge story

Business-critical incentive compensation system had 60 rules for calculating bonuses, and provided little flexibility in product promotion. Monthly processing time took 12 - 18 hours causing a rush to meet the payroll deadline.


The company implemented IBM® WebSphere® ILOG® JRules business rule management system to create a flexible, easy-to-manage incentive compensation system.


Improved employee morale with quick resolution to compensation adjustments; Zero downtime for system versus frequent breakdowns previously; Broke up the monthly 12 - 18 hour processing run into daily 55 minute runs.

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