Business Challenge

To become a digital bank in the rapidly changing business environment, BPI needs to accelerate its pace of innovation, future-proof its technology, transform digitally, and be prepared for the ever changing market dynamics.  It needs to move into the next era of transformation by delivering and optimizing new digital banking solutions and experiences for its customers.


BPI has tapped IBM to accelerate the implementation of its digital banking agenda with a secure, open and scalable hybrid multicloud platform.  They work together to modernise the core IT infrastructure and build an open and integrated API economy, supported by both IBM and third-party public and private cloud providers. 

The new IT environment will drive capacity management and rapid API development, enhance application monitoring, improve server utilization optimization, and manage disaster recovery automation. Underpinning the platform is IBM Security services to support an enhanced security posture. By infusing new capabilities, such as orchestration and automation management, IBM is helping BPI advance its digital banking agenda.


Simplified and automated “as a service” platform

supporting digital projects and initiatives

Hybrid cloud orchestration and management via a “single pane of glass”

ensuring policy compliance across all environments

“Born-in-the-cloud experiences”

delivering digital innovation to customers through compelling applications and services

Business Challenge Story

Increase agility by modernizing cloud infrastructure and applications

BPI has to evolve its business model to meet the demands of more digitally savvy consumers by quickly creating new channels of customer interactions and developing next-generation banking options. This allows the bank to participate in a new ecosystem and drive superior banking outcomes.

To steer this transformation, BPI needs to change its way of working -- culture, people, and processes -- significantly. More importantly, it needs to transform and modernize its technology model to increase agility. A multicloud strategy that is both scalable and agile is needed to cater to the rapid demands of its API and digital projects. 

Transformation Story

New digital experiences on a secure and open hybrid multicloud environment

BPI is leveraging on IBM’s cloud capabilities to modernize its core IT infrastructure. The new IT infrastructure will help BPI achieve its digital transformation goals, which include the continual upgrades for bank branches with new technology as well as other financial services applications for customers. 

IBM Hybrid Cloud Management Services deliver a seamless technology that can reside within BPI’s existing infrastructure as well as its private and public cloud environments.  IBM offers “born-in-the-cloud experiences” at its core and supports BPI's hybrid cloud strategy, including infrastructure as code.  IBM renders IT Infrastructure Services that support an agile IT and hybrid cloud domain, underpinned by digital development capabilities. In doing so, IBM also hosts all of BPI’s existing and future digital solutions.

The new IT blueprint designed by IBM uses cloud as enabler to future-proof technology and to bring new digital experiences for BPI's customers. The transformed infrastructure provides a secure and open IT environment that supports an open API economy strategy to create compelling customer applications and services, preparing BPI for the future of banking.

BPI is embracing a complete transformation of its business with advanced services to respond to the needs of today's connected consumer. New competencies and capabilities are enabled by enhancing the bank’s security posture, ensuring policy compliance across hybrid cloud environments.

We need to accelerate the pace of our digital transformation and continue to be responsive to an ever-changing market.

Pilar Bernadette Marquez, CIO, BPI

Results Story

Achieving digital transformation and faster time to market

BPI’s goal of becoming a digital bank can be achieved through the simplification and automation of legacy environments, and the implementation of a new agile and scalable hybrid multicloud to drive IT automation and capacity management seamlessly. The new cloud infrastructure helps BPI accelerate its digital transformation, which, by leveraging new technologies, includes faster time-to-market with innovative financial services applications for customers.

By future-proofing BPI’s technology, new capabilities are introduced, including a simplified automated “as a service” platform to support digital projects and initiatives, as well as seamless orchestration and automation management across environments.  The new competencies span core digital banking functions, in addition to online, mobile apps, ATMs, cash accept machines (CAMs), and branches. An enhanced security posture is also added, enabling BPI to transform its business with advanced services to respond to the needs of today’s digitally connected consumer.

Through its partnership with IBM, BPI is now able to leverage breakthrough outcomes and benefits, including optimized capacity management, rapid API development, enhanced application monitoring, server utilization optimization, as well as disaster recovery automation, thus advancing BPI as a true global player in banking.

We modernise the core IT infrastructure and bring new digital experiences with a secure and open hybrid multicloud environment to help prepare BPI for the future of banking.

Jason Dixon, Senior Client Solutions Executive, IBM

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Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

BPI is a trusted and leading universal bank in the Philippines. Together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, BPI offers a diverse range of products and services in consumer and corporate banking, as well as in asset management, payments, insurance, investment banking, foreign exchange, leasing, and securities and distribution.

As the first bank in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, BPI is currently the second largest bank in the Philippines in terms of market capitalization, and one of the most profitable banks in the Philippines.

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