Business challenge

BP3 aimed to boost sales and adoption of Digital Process Automation solutions by lowering the barrier to entry, giving customers readily available access to world-class software and cloud platforms.


Selling the IBM Cloud has allowed BP3 to focus on customer value activities and create transformational propositions that demonstrate rapid time to value, whilst offering flexible payment options.


50% shorter

sales cycle and faster revenue recognition


growth in Europe


reallocation of engineers from infrastructure support to product development

Business challenge story

New rules of play

Global IT services provider BP3 Global punches well above its weight. In the ten years since its founding, the company has earned itself a prized position in the market, expanding into new continents and boasting an impressive client list.

During BP3’s lifetime, the manner in which enterprises buy software has undergone dramatic change. Before, enterprises would look to IT for platform guidance and capabilities of what was available out-of-the-box for the business to solve the challenges that they faced. Business, versus IT, has now taken back control and is now able to reduce its reliance on IT. IBM Cloud allows the business to focus on solving the real challenges it faces. It eases the barrier to entry by allowing for small proof projects to show the value of the software quickly.

BP3 Global is now able to considerably reduce time to value for its customers and ultimately make it easier for customers to say ‘Yes’.

IBM has played a critical role in helping us transform our business.

Krista White, VP Marketing, BP3

Transformation story

Embracing change

BP3 has transformed its business using the IBM Cloud. BP3 quickly recognized the importance of the cloud and launched a wide range of offerings built around digital operations on the IBM Cloud. Adopting cloud transformation techniques, BP3 has been able to align with how the market wants to buy.

Because cloud offerings enable clients to avoid the cost and effort of standing up new infrastructure to support new software, BP3 has lowered the barrier to entry for its solutions and can demonstrate faster time-to-value. The shift from a large capital outlay to a small monthly fee – and the ability to hand off day-to-day management – creates a compelling value proposition for clients, making it easier for them to invest.

Krista White, VP Marketing at BP3, explains: “If you are hesitant about cloud because you think your customers will push back, you might be in for a surprise. Five years ago, many businesses were nervous about moving anything off-premise, whereas now we have major banks asking us which applications they can move to the cloud.

“For clients operating in heavily regulated industries, we often design hybrid cloud solutions, enabling them to keep some data on-premise for compliance reasons. For whichever systems and data our clients choose to put in the cloud, IBM offers excellent security and great value for money.”

To help clients further spread or postpone their investment, BP3 often utilizes IBM Global Financing deals.

“Our customers love IBM Global Financing,” remarks Krista White. “For example, if they have run out of budget for the year, they can postpone the spend until the following year, or spread the cost over a longer period. IBM Global Financing is extremely easy to work with; if we have a question or want to sign up a new client, we can reach someone on the phone immediately.”

BP3 also harnesses cloud solutions internally to support its own business.

“We are relatively modest in size, employing around 120 people,” comments Krista White. “To punch above our weight, we need our staff to be focusing on our core business problems and driving innovation, rather than keeping the lights on. Cloud is the answer – it’s the most efficient way to run our business.”

We are relatively modest in size, employing around 120 people. To punch above our weight, we need our staff to be focusing on our core business and driving innovation, rather than keeping the lights on. Cloud is the answer – it’s the most efficient way to run our business.

Krista White, VP Marketing, BP3

Results story

Sparking impressive growth

Taking its business to the cloud has allowed BP3 to become a true partner with its clients on their transformation journeys and provide even better customer service. Clients have greater flexibility and once they sign up, they enjoy excellent service in exchange for a manageable monthly fee. By crafting more compelling value propositions for clients whilst being a trusted partner and offering faster time-to-value, BP3 has shortened its clients’ buying cycles by around 50 percent, allowing everyone to get on with the real task of driving value for the client’s business. The cloud approach is a hit with clients, and business is booming.

“We are seeing ever-increasing numbers of cloud migrations,” says Krista White. “Two years ago, we acquired a small team in Europe, which has already doubled in size. In Europe, we have more clients on cloud than on-premise, and our cloud business continues to grow.”

The transition to cloud has transformed the way BP3 provides support for its clients. To maintain on-premise deployments, BP3’s engineers had to travel to customer sites, because many clients do not allow server access from outside the firewall. Cloud empowers engineers to maintain client systems from afar, which doesn’t just cut travel costs. The move also enables BP3 to offer 24/7 support to clients, with personnel in multiple locations covering different time zones. By serving clients more efficiently, BP3 has been able to reassign some engineers from on-site customer support to building innovative new solutions.

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BP3 delivers transformative solutions that help enterprise-level organizations improve overall performance by connecting people, processes and technologies. The company provides business process, decision management and analytics software and services to Fortune 500 businesses in the financial services, retail, healthcare and energy sectors. BP3 is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has offices in London, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.

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  • IGF
  • Workflow - Legacy

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