I think that collaboration has been great and IBM has been really kind of a pivot point for us to kind of transition from a laboratory company into a knowledge company

Samuel Myllykangas, Chief Technology Officer, Blueprint Genetics

Business Challenge story

Blueprint Genetics, founded in 2011, had a vision to disrupt the genetic testing industry by harnessing leading-edge information technology and robotics to automate the sequencing process and handle unprecedented volumes of tests and samples. Its founders’ ultimate goal was to provide a one-stop shop for screening for the whole field of inherited disorders—over 3,000 types of disease in more than a dozen medical categories—and deliver results within weeks rather than months.


The Blueprint Genetics solution integrated a big data analytics solution using IBM® BigInsights® for Apache Hadoop, IBM Watson Explorer, IBM Spectrum Scale and Softlayer and to ingest, enrich and store the data generated by Blueprint’s genetic sequencing engine. Additionally, Blueprint used the case management capabilities in IBM Business Automation Workflow for a comprehensive workflow management system that structures the interpretation process, guides the analysts to work in a standardized and efficient manner, and pre-populates the final reports with as much data as possible to reduce repetitive manual work.


With the new solution in place, Blueprint has already been able to increase productivity by 30 to 50 percent, and expects to see a three-fold increase in overall processing speed and capacity as its analysts gains more experience. Additionally, it is able to deliver patient results in 14 to 21 days as compared its competition’s 30 day delivery.

Solution Category

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware
  • Solution Components

    • Spectrum Scale
    • Workflow - Legacy