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Robert Rios, Software Developer , BlueChasm

Business Challenge story

Media libraries often contain large numbers of video clips that are difficult to locate. In addition, videos often contain hidden data that would be useful to know, such as camera angles, audio segments and specific content details. Because of the number of files, the length of videos and the difficulty of manual categorization, enterprises often fail to unlock the potential of their video libraries.


The solution is BlueChasm’s VideoRecon, a platform that uses IBM Watson technology and IBM Cloud services to “watch” and “listen” to streams of video data and auto-tag them with metadata for identification and classification. Users can then easily click through the tags to gain insights about the nature of the video, audio object or event before moving it into a production workflow.


The solution can save hours of manual review by recognizing and tagging content automatically, leading to innovative consumer and industrial applications. Visual Analytics technology can help editors quickly find and prepare video segments for posting or production, consumers can easily discover online video clips they’re interested in, and automated video analysis can reduce the need for human monitoring of hazardous areas and security footage.

Solution Category

  • AI/Watson
  • IBM Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • 6950-15K IBM Cloud Object Storage Dedicated (Cloud BU)
    • Cloudant NoSQLDB
    • IBM Bluemix