The reason why we like the IBM partnership in conjunction with their partner Miria, was they came to us with a good product. That the first time we looked at it, we said this is the Cadillac of what we've seen when we looked at other systems and other capabilities.

John Insley, Director of Corporate Accounting, Beverage Distribution Center Inc. (BDCI Inc.)

Business challenge

In a competitive market like the soda business, Beverage Distribution Center Inc. faced multiple challenges. Margins were proving to be difficult, and the company’s accounts payable processes were inefficient and required a lot of manual effort. Beverage Distribution Center has 30 locations that process approximately 15,000 invoices per month generated by more than 3,000 suppliers. It took the company about 10 days to process and approve a single invoice, expending more than 200 staff hours per week inputting and correcting the accounts payable data. Additionally, there was a considerable lack of accountability, which made it difficult for the company to support stringent sales tax audits that required it to produce actual invoices from up to five years prior. The time and manual effort that should have been spent on filing invoices were also spent trying to retrieve them.

The company recognized that automating its invoicing process could help it save valuable time that could be used on other important tasks. It was spending too much time and money storing invoices as physical files. Thus, Beverage Distribution Center sought a solution that could help reduce its reliance on paper and manual, time-consuming processes.


Beverage Distribution Center worked closely with IBM and IBM Business Partner Miria Systems, Inc. to implement the Miria Active Pay solution to automate its accounts payable invoicing process. Based on the IBM Digital Business Automation platform and deployed on the cloud, the solution includes the following software components:

- IBM Datacap software, that the client uses to capture invoices arriving in different formats like email, paper, mail and fax
- IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere software, that enables the company to automate repetitive, manual tasks
- IBM FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation software, which provide highly scalable, secure and scalable document storage and management capabilities for new and existing types of content
- IBM Business Automation Workflow software, that the client uses to set up automated workflows that promote seamless invoice processing
- IBM Operational Decision Manager software, which the company uses to create rules to help analyze, automate and govern business decisions.


By engaging IBM Business Partner Miria Systems to implement the Miria Active Pay solution based on IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration software, Beverage Distribution Center automated its accounts payable invoicing process. Through the digital transformation, the client reduced its use of paper, which has been its goal for years. Using the Active Pay solution, the company has been able to digitally transform paper files into PDF files that are easily accessible by anybody within the organization. Saving information electronically also helps expedite filing claims and eliminates the risk of disputes over payments that previously may have been challenging to prove with manual files. The solution has also helped Beverage Distribution Center create a workflow that allows people to approve invoices electronically instead of circulating them across seven states and multiple locations to find the correct person. The client expects the Active Pay solution to help it process approximately 3,000 deliveries per day—approximately 720,000 deliveries per year—while improving the efficiency of its accounts receivable process and increasing the quality of its customer service.

Solution Category

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
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    • Content - FNCM
    • Decisions - Legacy
    • Robotic Process Automation
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