Business challenge

To help all parts of the business work together effectively, Berge & Meer aimed to replace its legacy intranet sites with a single, centralized platform for collaboration and communication.


Berge & Meer worked with IBM Platinum Business Partner TIMETOACT to deploy IBM® Connections™ Engagement Center—delivering relevant information to each employee via personalized homepages.



collaboration and communication with a central hub for employee engagement


innovation by enabling employees from different departments to share ideas


a single source of truth for company news and processes

Business challenge story

Starting a collaboration journey

For travel agencies like Berge & Meer, offering high-quality customer experiences is vital to maintain a strong reputation and encourage customers to come back time and again.

The company realized that every employee—whether they worked in a customer-facing role or in the back office—had a unique perspective on how processes could be improved. By enabling employees from different departments to share their perspectives, Berge & Meer knew that it could reveal hidden opportunities to operate more effectively, and serve its customers better.

Berge & Meer had purchased licenses for IBM Connections, and launched pilot projects to test the social collaboration platform. Even though some project teams actively used IBM Connections to work together, not all employees had embraced the solution. Some still preferred to communicate via email, and others continued to use the company’s legacy intranet sites to find information.

The company wanted to combine the rich collaboration capabilities of IBM Connections with the structure and functionality of its intranet sites. The aim was to encourage call center agents, purchasers and senior management to work together on the IBM Connections platform.

Alexander Ramseger, Head of Business Applications and Collaboration at Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH, comments: “Our employees wanted a quick, uncomplicated way to use the intranet as an information platform. To encourage users to move to IBM Connections, we wanted to design structured navigation and personalized landing pages that mirrored the functionality of our existing intranet sites.”

IBM Connections Engagement Center helps us combine information-sharing capabilities with rich collaboration tools—all on a single platform.

Alexander Ramseger, Head of Business Applications, Berge & Meer Touristik GmbH

Transformation story

Bringing the business together

Berge & Meer decided to enhance its IBM Connections business social network with IBM Connections Engagement Center. The solution creates personalized homepages in IBM Connections, tailored to each user’s role and preferences. These digital hubs provide information that employees need to excel in their jobs—including relevant corporate news, content and links to resources.

Working together with IBM Platinum Business Partner TIMETOACT, Berge & Meer deployed IBM Connections Engagement Center, and migrated the content from its legacy intranet sites to the new platform.

Today, Berge & Meer has a social hub that appeals to employees across the business. While project teams benefit most from the platform’s social collaboration functions, other employees use the solution to find information—from company news to lunch menus.

Results story

Closer collaboration, better services

With personalized IBM Connections homepages for every employee, Berge & Meer is encouraging employees to engage with its social business vision. The new approach reduces dependence on email, and creates a space for valuable discussions to improve business processes and drive higher-quality customer experiences.

Felix Binsack, Intranet Strategy Consultant at TIMETOACT, comments: "IBM Connections and IBM Connections Engagement Center combine both collaboration and communication tools, which has transformed the platform into a single source of truth for the business. Better still, because Berge & Meer can decommission its legacy intranet sites, it can contain its management and maintenance costs.”

Each department now benefits from its own landing page on IBM Connections, which employees regularly update.

"When our departments asked us for their own landing pages, getting them up and running with IBM Connections Engagement Center was very straightforward,” explains Ramseger. “After just 90 minutes of training with our department managers, they had all the skills they needed to use IBM Connections Engagement Center to create and maintain landing pages—even those who didn’t have a background in IT!”

Berge & Meer is continually looking for new ways to build on its success with IBM Connections Engagement Center. The company’s project group gathers regular feedback from across the business, and rolls out improvements to make the new intranet even easier to use. With just a few clicks, the company can make rapid changes to the solution, and add new features for its users.

"Our new intranet has a broad appeal across the business,” concludes Ramseger. “IBM Connections Engagement Center helps us combine information-sharing capabilities with rich collaboration tools—all on a single platform.”

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About Berge & Meer

For more than 35 years, Berge & Meer has delivered attractive vacation packages to customers across Germany, and today offers more than 1,000 preplanned trips to over 80 countries.

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