Without a doubt, our IBM solutions are making it easier for our employees to work effectively.

Jörgen Selin, IT Manager, Bengt Dahlgren Stockholm AB

Business Challenge story

As it prepared to give its six group companies greater autonomy for lean decision-making, Bengt Dahlgren wanted to ensure that all parts of the business could still work together effectively—but how?


Bengt Dahlgren implemented a collaboration platform based on IBM® Connections™ Cloud and IBM Verse™—offering a centralized platform for group-wide communications.


Bengt Dahlgren now provides more than 430 people across 12 offices and six companies with cloud collaboration tools—enabling them to share ideas, capture best practices and work together effectively.

Solution Category

  • Social Business
  • Solution Components

    • Connections Cloud (SaaS)
    • ICS: Domino
    • ICS: Notes
    • Verse on Cloud (SaaS)