Behr came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to reach and engage consumers and make their interior paint color selection process easier. Since the process of selecting paint colors is a personal experience, IBM Watson Ads provided a perfect way for Behr to offer personalized paint color recommendations at scale, helping to take the indecision out of the interior painting process.

IBM Watson Advertising and Behr launched the first AI-powered ads for the retail industry with IBM Watson Ads. Watson used natural language processing, tone analysis, and extensive training on Behr colors to enable 1:1 dialogue and deliver a unique paint color recommendation for each user.

IBM Watson Ads engaged in real-time conversations, allowing consumers to interact with Behr in a brand new way, via dynamic ads on weather.com, The Weather Channel app, and across other lifestyle sites.


With IBM Watson Ads, Behr exceeded brand benchmarks and saw meaningful time spent with consumers:

  • Over 15K 1:1 conversations between Behr and consumers, helping each user find their own personalized paint color recommendation
  • 45 seconds average time spent within the IBM Watson Ads unit per session
  • 17% Increase in Purchase Consideration for Behr among their target audience
  • 8.5% incremental lift in foot traffic to Behr exclusive retailer locations

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson