Business challenge: Behr’s objective

Given recent world events and global challenges, more people than ever have turned to DIY projects. But consumers can be overwhelmed by choice, struggling to choose paint colors, and as a result can be hesitant to start their own painting projects.

With this in mind as a leader in the DIY market, Behr returned to IBM Watson Advertising for a 3rd IBM Watson Advertising Conversations campaign, looking to reach consumers with personalized recommendations and help make the DIY process easier. 

Transformation: Personalized recommendations at scale

With extensive training on Behr Paint products, FAQs and additional brand content, IBM Watson Advertising’s AI-powered Conversations solution enabled real-time, 1:1 dialogue with consumers, and delivered a unique paint color recommendation for each user. Conversations uses Watson’s machine learning and Natural Language capabilities to allow for personalized connections with consumers at scale, without using any cookies or personally identifiable information.

Behr Paint saw meaningful time spent with consumers:

  • Over 10K 1:1 conversations between Behr and consumers, helping each user find their own personalized paint color recommendation
  • 3.4x more time spent vs. Google Rich Media interaction time benchmark
  • +108% engagement rate vs. IBM Watson Advertising Conversations benchmark

Conversations act as a mini focus group, providing real-time audience and customer insights, Behr learned consumers are most interested in painting their living room with relaxing, comfortable, warm and friendly color moods. Behr can leverage these findings to improve their ongoing product and marketing strategy.

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Focus area

  • AI/Watson