Cognos Business Intelligence is an extremely powerful and highly versatile tool, and the broad range of functionality it provides empowers us to answer everything from the simplest to the most complex requests, from users at all levels of the organization.

Joseph Thomas, Senior Business Systems Analyst, Basin Electric Power Cooperative

Business Challenge story

Staff at Basin Electric wanted to base decisions about the future of their business on hard facts – but with data held in dozens of systems, spreadsheets, and people’s heads, how could they get to the truth?


Over an 18-year analytics journey, Basin Electric is transforming its reporting processes with IBM® Cognos® solutions. Today, automated data gathering and report generation give users a wide range of options for analyzing operational data.


Employees can now make smarter business decisions based on more accurate data. Automation accelerates reporting by up to 85 percent, saving time and enabling staff to focus on tasks that really add value.

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  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
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    • Cognos Business Intelligence