I've been extremely pleased with both Trusteer Rapport and IBM Managed Security Services. They take a lot of the worry away and the credit unions are extremely happy because they feel their data is being protected.

Abey Márquez, IT Manager, Banco Cooperativo de Puerto Rico

Business challenge

To improve security protections across its Web channels, BanCoop needed a solution that could help identify and block malware and phishing threats on customer endpoints.


Using advanced fraud protection software from IBM, BanCoop has been able to uncover malware threats that antivirus software missed.


The solution has enabled BanCoop to strengthen security defenses and its reputation with the delivery of new value-added security services to its customers.

Solution Category

  • Security Solutions
  • Solution Components

    • Banking: Risk & Compliance  
    • IBM Cloud Identity Managed Sec Services 6950-99P Withdrawn
    • Self-healing
    • Self-protecting
    • Trusteer Fraud Protection