The shareholders; they are happy because the bank has a very good image, the bank is compliant and the costs are reducing in market data crisis. It helps to keep and sometimes to increase the profit.

Nuno Veiga, Board of Directors Advisor for Digital Transformation Program, Banco BAI

Business challenge

Banco BAI embarked on a journey of digital transformation in order to ensure that they appealed to the younger generation that relied on electronic transactions. The bank thus looked to transform its core operations, build new infrastructure for servers, new data centers, etc. to further its digital automation journey. To this end, it sought the help of a partner as reliable and worthy as IBM also because it already had most of its core banking operations run on IBM products.


Banco BAI opted for a full package of IBM Digital Business Automation products comprising of IBM Business Automation Workflow software, IBM Operational Decision Manager software for process automation, and IBM Datacap for data processing. The IBM DBA stack helps the bank automate its processes, ensuring process efficiency and greater control on operations, along with an increased capacity to process data, providing insights that can be used to further better its processes. 


With the implementation of the IBM solution, the bank established a multi-functional mobile banking app that ensured compliance with FACTA, giving way to increased profits. The digital workspace enabled better collaboration, and an efficient system ensured superior customer service, thus better customer satisfaction.

Solution Category

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud