If the practice’s current processes are not sound, then automating those processes will only make the practice more efficient at being inefficient. It’s best to start the PHM journey by examining current processes for managing patient populations and then applying Lean Six Sigma principles to improve them.

Jeffrey Galles, D.O., Chief Medical Officer , Utica Park Clinic

Business Challenge story

Utica Park Clinic needed to balance the challenging financial implications of shifting from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursement, as well as improve the overall quality of care it provides without burdening its care team.


Utica Park Clinic selected the Watson Health™ platform, which had the PHM technology it needed to automate its processes and interface easily with the multiple EHR systems currently in use, and incorporated Lean Six Sigma principles to redesign workflows.


Utica Park Clinic initiated 291,426 patient communications to successfully remind patients of almost 140,000 appointments and inform nearly 65,000 patients of an identified gap in care; in addition, it also achieved a ROI of 14:1 and the pilot program generated more than $840,000 in additional billable revenue.

Solution Category

  • AI/Watson
  • Solution Components

    • IBM Phytel Population Health