At the end of the day, PureApp is going to give you the ability of rolling out systems, whether they’re IBM systems or homegrown systems that you’re putting together. A lot of people mistake PureApp as the actual end product. PureApp is the driver.

Brian W. Smith, Director of Application Integration and Strategy,

Business Challenge story is a very seasonal organization, experiencing significant spikes in business around holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas. The company needs the ability to rapidly scale its application environments during these holiday periods.


Using the pattern-based deployment capability of IBM PureApplication software, the company quickly deploys new systems for peak business periods and scales them back down in slower periods.

Benefits has accelerated app deployment time from 60 hours to 2 hours. And because the PureApplication technology helps make system behavior more predictable, the company more easily avoids errors and can deliver a more consistent e-commerce experience to consumers.

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