Business Challenge story

Implementing effective Service Parts Management processes can be a major challenge for enterprises, requiring large volumes of orders to be generated and processed very rapidly. Without a solution that is fully integrated with financial and logistics systems, the complexity of these processes can become too great for most companies to handle successfully.


The SAP solution for Service Parts Management includes forecasting and inventory planning models that provide both improvements in service levels and reductions in inventory costs. It enables all aspects of planning, procurement, warehouse management, fulfillment, transportation, collaboration and analytics. IBM and SAP ran a proof of concept using IBM System p servers and IBM DB2 to demonstrate the power of this solution.


In the proof of concept, all targeted benchmark goals were met, and the performance results exceeded expectations. For example, the whole planning run - previously a 24-hour job - can now be processed in less than 6 hours. The performance and scalability test demonstrated the ability of the extended warehouse management system to handle the workload of one or more typical large-scale distribution centers with a single infrastructure footprint.

Solution Category

  • Other
  • Solution Components

    • IBM-SAP Alliance
    • SAP CRM
    • SAP ERP
    • Storage: DS4000
    • Storage: IBM DS8000