Business challenge

To bring its concept for a natural language Internet of Things (IoT) solution to market, Proasistech sought help from a global cloud provider offering cutting-edge technology and a strong business ecosystem.


In an IBM Cloud environment, Proasistech launched HiThing!, an IoT offering designed to help enterprises manage vast networks of assets using standard mobile devices and natural language commands.


33% savings with an easy-to-manage

IBM Cloud hosting solution that reduces maintenance hours and resource demands

4 months faster time to market

than anticipated with platform deployment in an IBM Cloud environment

Drives growth with support

and business development resources from IBM, including the IBM Marketplace ecosystem

Business challenge story

Connecting users and devices in a “humanized” network

Proasistech formed in 2013 to develop and deliver simple, easy-to-use technology solutions for life in an increasingly connected world. The company’s commitment to creating user-friendly applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) era led to an innovative idea for enterprises: a “humanized” IoT network in which users and devices communicate with one another using natural language syntax.

“We started developing a standard mobile chatbot and realized we had something bigger and more interesting with huge potential,” says Joaquín Gómez, Chief Executive Officer for Proasistech. “Why not try connecting and communicating with machines the way we call and chat with our families, friends and colleagues?”

To bring the concept to market, Proasistech wanted to team with a global cloud provider offering cutting-edge technology, a reputation for reliability and a strong business ecosystem. “We needed a cloud platform designed to run simply and smoothly,” says Gómez. “We wanted comprehensive services so that, in the coming years, we would be able to continue integrating elements into our offering. And we needed support from a company connected to the right partners and communities to assist us.”

IBM’s capacity to support different activities as we evolve is really important for us. No other company has the whole toolbox the way IBM does.

José Ángel Noguera, President, Proasistech

Transformation story

Driving IoT innovation with IBM Cloud

IBM offered the high-performance cloud technology and collaborative business relationship Proasistech needed to continue evolving its concept. “IBM’s approach is supportive and agile in a way we haven’t found with any other major cloud provider,” says Gómez. “As a small startup, we need a lot of agility and a close personal relationship to speed things up. This is very important to us, along with the IBM brand and reputation.”

Proasistech launched its HiThing! IoT offering in an IBM Cloudhosting environment, targeting an enterprise audience that includes logistics, transportation, manufacturing, property management and retail companies. Integrating the HiThing! bot with existing systems and databases, the startup helps organizations manage vast networks of machines, assets and data using standard mobile devices and simple natural language commands. “Companies with personnel that hated having a bunch of different apps are seeing that they can have it all in HiThing!,” says Gómez. “Users can do things like monitor or control lighting just by speaking into a smartphone or by texting.”

Proasistech plans to continue developing the HiThing! platform by integrating IBM Watson® cognitive technology. “We’re going to need Watson to provide virtual assistance to various communities of users, like advising on energy consumption,” says Gómez. “There are many Watson functions that will be interesting for us in the future.”

Results story

Speeding time to market and cutting costs

With the IBM Cloud solution, Proasistech brought its HiThing! offering to market more quickly and cost-effectively than anticipated. “We calculated that we saved four months by scaling and deploying our platform in an IBM Cloud environment,” says Gómez. “And we thought we would need a lot of personnel to maintain our level of service, but IBM Cloud is so easy that we cut those expenses by at least a third.”

And with IBM Cloud data centers worldwide, Proasistech is well-positioned to expand as business demands and easily support new customers. “IBM Cloud infrastructure enables us to go global and serve customers virtually everywhere,” says Gómez. “When I go to London and tell a potential customer that we’re running on IBM Cloud, that customer understands that we’ll be able to serve the company in London and wherever else it needs our service.”

Finally, by teaming with IBM, Proasistech has access to the resources it needs to continue developing and thriving as a business. “There’s a beehive of sorts around the IBM Cloud platform,” says Proasistech President José Ángel Noguera. “The IBM Marketplace and so many IBM tools are useful for us as we’re growing. Overall, IBM’s capacity to support different activities as we evolve is really important for us. No other company has the whole toolbox the way IBM does.”



Established in 2013 and headquartered in Murcia, Spain, Proasistech develops and implements intelligent technology solutions, including platforms designed to integrate and automate industrial monitoring and control systems. Maintaining a staff of highly qualified specialists in IT, engineering and product development, the IBM Business Partner serves both private and public sector organizations.

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