Business challenge

C2G Consulting wanted to help manufacturers in Africa deliver great products to consumers faster, but was too busy managing technology instead of focusing on developing innovative solutions.


C2G Consulting chose IBM Compose to underpin its new supply chain management platform, TradeDepot, making it quick and easy for teams to deploy mission-critical databases that support the platform.


Up to 25%

reduction in delivery logistics costs through improved supply chain control


availability and reliability help manufacturers get products to consumers quickly


time spent on technical maintenance allows teams to focus on building software

Business challenge story

Fast, efficient product delivery

C2G Consulting has been providing consulting and development services to businesses in Africa and beyond since 2004. The company recently expanded its offerings with a new bulk ordering and retail execution platform called TradeDepot, which helps manufacturers manage end-to-end supply chain processes more efficiently.

As demand for the new platform took off, C2G Consulting wanted to make sure that it continued to deliver a responsive, reliable user experience.

Onyekachi (Kachi) Izukanne, Co-founder of C2G Consulting, takes up the story: “Our mid-size and enterprise customers serve numerous communities across Africa, and they need to rely on stable, always-on technology tools that allow them to manage everything from manufacturing to retail.

“Our TradeDepot platform was created with this in mind, but we were starting to worry about potential failures and other issues connected with running multiple services through one platform. We also wanted to offer a higher level of consistency and simplicity for the teams who develop and manage the platform. This meant selecting a plug-and-play solution that could allow us to focus on building, developing and improving our software without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure.”

C2G Consulting began looking for a way to better support its TradeDepot software tool and, in turn, to deliver even-greater value to product manufacturers in Africa, as well as their end-customers.

We’re all about offering managed services that are reliable, efficient, and always available: IBM Compose enables us to do just that.

Onyekachi (Kachi) Izukanne, Co-founder, C2G Consulting

Transformation story

Smarter supply chain management

The company’s search led it to IBM Compose—a fully managed database as a service platform that allows users to build fast and reliable apps without the added effort of database administration.

Kachi Izukanne explains: “We needed a hosted, managed database service, and after reviewing several options we came upon IBM Compose. We felt that Compose would make our life easier in terms of managing TradeDepot, so we chose it with no hesitation.”

Built on an open-source cloud application platform, TradeDepot harnesses IBM Compose for MongoDB and IBM Compose for RabbitMQ to support critical back-end database systems. Deploying IBM Compose to support the TradeDepot platform allows C2G Consulting to run multiple services without the worry of failure that can happen with monolithic applications—if one service is down momentarily, this doesn’t affect activity on other parts of the platform.

With TradeDepot, manufacturers can easily manage orders all the way through from receipt of raw materials to delivery of the finished product at retail outlets.

Kachi Izukanne explains: “TradeDepot is much more than a traditional e-commerce tool—it’s a complete platform for our customers to manage the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail. One of our biggest clients, for example, is one of the largest dairy companies in Africa who uses TradeDepot to gain greater insight and control of milk distribution.”

Results story

Fostering economic growth

With IBM Compose powering its innovative TradeDepot platform, C2G Consulting is now offering a platform that provides product manufacturers across Africa with next-generation tools to automate their entire route-to-market and get products to consumers faster.

By doing so, the company is helping manufacturers to track inventory and sales through their different channels, offering the in-depth visibility that these companies need to get deliveries out on time, every time. Prompt delivery of high-quality goods results in happy retail customers, helping C2G Consulting’s clients to keep business booming and, ultimately, to drive economic growth across Africa.

By implementing IBM Compose, C2G Consulting can fluidly support multiple applications in its service environment. With the solution’s increased system reliability and consistency, the company can focus on developing applications without spending time and effort worrying about its application platform and persistence layers.

Building on its success with the TradeDepot platform, C2G Consulting has now turned its attention to developing a new range of commercial software—also underpinned by IBM Compose—that will help more consumer products companies to gain greater control over their supply chains.

Kachi Izukanne concludes: “We’re all about offering managed services that are reliable, efficient, and always available: IBM Compose enables us to do just that. While it’s still early days, we’re very happy with our Compose investment and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”


About C2G Consulting

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, C2G Consulting is a technology company offering consulting and development services – ranging from enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management (HCM), customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, disaster recovery and more – to both African and global businesses.

Solution components

  • IBM Cloud Databases and Compose

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