What we've accomplished will allow us to monitor what's happening with our connections to our customers and business partners across the globe.

Jeff Banks, Director, Business Systems, Metrie

Business Challenge story

To help its B2B clients deliver outstanding interior design projects, Metrie aims to deliver on time, every time. The company relies on electronic data interchange (EDI) connections with its trading partners to process and fulfil orders efficiently. However, Metrie’s multiple different systems and manual processes for transaction processing and monitoring made it difficult to identify and remediate EDI document errors, which increased the risk of transaction processing delays.


Working together with IBM Gold Business Partner Miracle Software Systems, Metrie deployed an automated, centralized B2B gateway, seamlessly integrated with its ERP applications. The new platform accelerates inbound EDI transaction processing substantially, cuts the time required to detect and fix document errors, and dramatically reduces the need for time-consuming system monitoring.


By slashing the risk of EDI document processing delays, Metrie helps ensure that it can deliver high-quality products to its clients in a timely manner. Standardizing on a single EDI transaction processing engine enables the company to simplify its support model and eliminate potential points of failure. Greater automation frees employees from transactional tasks and empowers them to devote more time to value-added activities.

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