In partnering with IBM, we’re using the InfoSphere toolset, specifically the Information Governance Catalog, IMAM and Information Analyzer, to build that base foundational layer for how we’re managing our information.

Shannon Fuller, Director of Data Governance, Atrium Health

Business Challenge

Healthcare industry generates a lot of data and now, the trend is towards using and analyzing that data in areas like population health. This requires creating a unified picture of individual patients – from admissions to treatment, to discharge and finally, billing. But if we haven’t been standardizing and defining data across departments, we aren’t going to get accurate data. Healthcare organizations are turning to new applications for data analysis, including AI, machine learning and advanced analytics.


Atrium Health decided that information governance must provide the foundation for any analysis or use of data, whether for clinical or business purposes. A governance program and appropriate tools can help understand the context of the information and how the business uses it. The data governance program gives a holistic view of patient information across the system.

Solution Component

  • IBM Cloud