Business challenge

Realizing that many of its customers were IBM Cloud Platform users, Apprenda saw an opportunity to create a joint offering with its technology for migrating diverse application portfolios to cloud environments.


Integrating Apprenda technology into the IBM Cloud Platform provides enterprises with capabilities for rapidly moving .NET apps to the cloud while tapping in to Cloud Platform functionality, including cognitive services.


Launches innovative offer

to help large enterprises with diverse application portfolios accelerate cloud transformation

Gains access to expertise

and industry experience from IBM to continue evolving the platform for customer needs

Establishes sales pipeline

quickly and easily with the vast IBM client ecosystem and rapid go-to-market approach

Business challenge story

Identifying a promising joint opportunity

To help organizations transition to cloud-based IT operations more quickly and cost-effectively, Apprenda developed technology for seamlessly migrating diverse application portfolios. “Companies are investing more time and energy than ever before in writing new applications, but they’re also looking for ways to take their existing Windows applications and move them forward into the cloud era,” says Apprenda Chief Executive Officer Sinclair Schuller.

Deploying its solution for some of the world’s largest enterprises, Apprenda noted a trend: many of its customers were also IBM Cloud Platform users. “We haven’t historically provided an offering to help large enterprises stand up and run their own instance of our technology on a cloud platform—most deployments have been on premises,” says Schuller. “IBM was looking for an avenue to bring .NET and Windows capabilities to its customers. We saw this mutual interest in solving a joint problem.”

[With IBM] we had sales opportunities probably six months faster than we’ve seen with any other partner.

—Sinclair Schuller,Chief Executive Officer,Apprenda

Transformation story

Launching integrated .NET cloud enablement capabilities

Apprenda teamed with IBM to discuss the development of an integrated platform for migrating .NET workloads to a Cloud Platform environment. Schuller says, “We started with whiteboard sessions, talking through the business and the customer pain points, then focused on tackling the challenge: what would it take to bring support for Windows and .NET to IBM Cloud Platform customers and weave in Cloud services, including cognitive technology?”

After determining the necessary engineering and go-to-market efforts, the companies developed an innovative offering for a global enterprise target audience. “We now have a solution that’s fully integrated into the IBM Cloud Platform so that companies can access an instance of Apprenda, take existing .NET apps and run them in the cloud while tapping in to Watson services and other Cloud Platform capabilities,” says Schuller. “Plus, we provide a native .NET experience with Visual Studio and TFS [Team Foundation Server] integrations.”

Results story

Speeding to market with the IBM ecosystem

Collaboration between Apprenda and IBM resulted in an innovative solution for businesses seeking more rapid, cost-effective cloud transformation. “Most large enterprises have decades of investment in existing applications that they are unable to jettison as they move to a more cloud-native future,” says Rakesh Malhotra, Senior Vice President of Products and Engineering for Apprenda. “Extending the life of these existing applications and modernizing them with the full IBM Cloud catalog of services, including cognitive capabilities, is a huge win for customers. We’re helping them really accelerate their cloud strategies.”

By integrating its offering with the powerful IBM Cloud Platform, Apprenda puts Watson technology at developers’ fingertips, helping them quickly and easily incorporate leading-edge cognitive functionality into .NET apps. “To add something like virtual assistant capabilities, you would typically have to go change a bunch of code, possibly manage service instances separate from your .NET app and figure out how to orchestrate that,” says Schuller. “With our Watson technology integration, a developer can simply check a box to weave a service in a .NET app and have a virtual assistant powered by Watson as part of that app.”

Teaming with IBM provides Apprenda with access to the technical know-how and industry experience the startup needs to continue evolving its offering. “IBM operates a global world-class cloud team and cloud infrastructure,” says Malhotra. “Learning from the expertise of the IBM Cloud technical team has been really helpful. We get input that allows us to improve our core platform by adding capabilities and features that not only better support IBM Cloud Platform customers, but also better support our existing portfolio of enterprise customers at large.”

Plus, Apprenda greatly appreciated the speed, efficiency and reach of the IBM go-to-market approach with the new joint offering. “When we build a relationship with a partner, one of the first things we focus on is how quickly we can build a joint pipeline of customers,” says Schuller. “IBM already fully understood the customer need and had a big customer portfolio within its ecosystem requiring a .NET solution. It ended up being a very quick build-out of the pipeline—we had sales opportunities probably six months faster than we’ve seen with any other partner.”

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About Apprenda

Apprenda is a software company focused on creating and supporting enterprise-ready application platforms for both cloud-native and traditional workloads. The organization’s experts in cloud architecture and distributed systems deliver products and service offerings that remove friction from the software delivery process and transform IT into an engine of growth for the enterprise. Established in 2007 and based in New York, Apprenda is a privately held company.

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  • IBM Bluemix

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