Business Challenge

Apollo Munich Health Insurance wanted to partner with a trusted IT provider to lay the foundation for a digital enterprise.


IBM leveraged technology that supported Apollo Munich Health Insurance's ever evolving business needs. IBM infused automation and cognitive tools at the data center layer and for the end user infrastructure to enable business transformation.


99% uptime in infrastructure

driven by dynamic automation and predictive analytics

10% reduction in end user ticket volume

driven by One-Click automation

5% increase in productivity of deskside agents

through use of KPI driven metrics

Business Challenge Story

A trusted IT partner to support the changing needs of the business

AMHI wanted to bring agility to their infrastructure to address the changing needs of their business and to support continuous innovation by infusing newer technologies.

They wanted a partner who can support them in their journey to become a digital enterprise by helping them anticipate changing business needs, prioritize the needs and provide integrated solutions to address them.

While improving productivity, service quality and IT agility are key foci, AMHI also wanted to leverage exponential technologies such as cognitive and automation to increase infrastructure availability, enhance end user experience and make more data driven decisions, paving its way toward becoming a digital enterprise. 

We always need to anticipate changing business needs and innovate by adopting exponential technologies.

Krishan Mohan Saxena, Chief Technology Officer and Member Executive Committee (EXCO) , Apollo Munich Health Insurance

Transformation Story

Laying the foundation for Digital Enterprise through technology innovation

IBM had been a strategic outsourcing partner of AMHI for the last decade.  AMHI further strengthened their strategic partnership by teaming with IBM to reinvent their end user experience and transform their infrastructure with the help of cognitive automation and bring the vision of a digital enterprise to life.

IBM put in place an integrated governance structure for infrastructure and application support.  The use of IBM Watson Analytics service enabled AHMI to pursue its culture objective of data driven decisions.

AMHI and IBM worked together and applied IBM dynamic automation platform with predictive analytics to build an agile and resilient infrastructure that increased availability and delivered higher levels of service:

  • Dynamic automation enabled automated diagnosis and remediation of infrastructure issues
  • Nagios XI enhanced infrastructure and application monitoring
  • End user automation helped with automated email to ticket creation
  • One-Click assisted in self-service resolution of common issues
  • BigFix automated compliance activities and ensured that all servers were compliant
  • BluePrism automated processes such as AD ID and email ID creation, disablement and deletion

The inclusion of IBM digital workplace services in the solution enhanced end user experience and productivity using cognitive tools.  This lay the foundation for enhanced managed services journey with automation.  IBM now manages 315 servers, 34 applications, 202 network devices and 69 database instances with a 24x7 support. 

We deployed dynamic automation and cognitive solutions resulting in 99% infrastructure uptime and service quality, 10% reduction in end user ticket volume and 5% increase in productivity.

Ajay Wasan, Associate Director / Client Management Leader , GTS Enterprise (North & East)

Result Story

Delivering on digital vision through an agile IT infrastructure

The simplification of multi-vendor management from 9 vendors to 3, all managed by a single party owner (IBM) for business acquisition and results, improved service levels and accountability.  The transfer of application management for 34 applications to IBM also released 63 AMHI employees to drive AMHI's strategic initiatives instead.

The deployment of dynamic automation and predictive analytics improved infrastructure availability (decrease in server incidents) with 99% infrastructure up time and delivered higher level of service.  As outcomes of process automation, manual efforts reduced by 80% and productivity increased by 5%.  The automation of compliance activities also ensured servers were compliant.

One-Click automation reduced end user ticket volume by 10%.  Desk side agent productivity increased by 5% with KPI driven metrics which led to better availability of agents and faster resolution of problems.  With IBM remote management tools and cognitive support assist, end users can get support anytime, anywhere.

Through data-driven decision-making using AI, AMHI delivered better service quality, experience and business outcomes overall.

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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co.Ltd. (AMHI)

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd. (AMHI), founded in 2007, is a health insurance company in India providing health, accident and travel insurance plans for individuals as well as families. Previously known as Apollo DKV Insurance Co. Ltd, AMHI is a joint venture between the Apollo Hospitals Group and Munich Health, Germany-based Munich Re’s newest business segment. Headquartered in Gurgaon, India, AMHI offers group health, accident and travel insurance plans that are customizable to fit the insurance needs of a particular group.

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