Using Aspera as the preferred means to ingest high resolution content has significantly accelerated our internal workflow, enabling us to provide content to viewers faster than ever before and to further expand and drive growth in this niche market

Ludovic Bostral, Co-founder and CTO, Afrostream

Business Challenge

To gather quality entertainment for its customer base, Afrostream signed content deals with major studios and independent American, African and British distributors that need to upload terabytes of digital content over the WAN to the company’s data center every day. While the company's main office is located in California, the technical team is in Nantes, France, its IBM SoftLayer storage server is housed in IBM’s data center in San Jose, California, and Afrostream’s content providers and viewers are globally dispersed. Afrostream needed to ensure content could be reliably and efficiently moved across continents. This process was further complicated by the large volume and size of files that needed to be transferred, with digital files typically varying between 10 gigabytes to 1 terabyte each.


Afrostream easily deployed IBM® Aspera® On Demand, which is tightly integrated with IBM Cloud for fast and reliable processing and distribution of content. With Aspera’s patented FASP® transport protocol natively integrated into IBM Cloud, the Aspera solution enables high-speed transfers directly to IBM Cloud object storage and interfaces with several other workflows to streamline the entire process from ingest to decoding and transcoding for play-out on multiple end-user devices.


Aspera On Demand is easy to use and enables their business partners to effortlessly submit content to Afrostream’s server. Afrostream simply creates an account and provides login credentials to each content provider, and they can immediately begin transferring assets directly to Afrostream’s IBM Cloud Storage. Afrostream achieved significant acceleration and optimization of entire transfer process to and from IBM’s cloud storage, reduced content turnaround time from 3 days to under 12 hours, and increased ingest volume that now reaches 1,000 hours of aggregated content per month.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
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    • Aspera
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