The virtual assistant applies IBM Watson natural language processing and analytics to understand the customer’s need in that moment. Then, it automatically responds to routine queries and passes more complex requests to the right expert.

Jeroen Das, Product Owner of Conversational AI , ABN AMRO Bank N.V.

Business Challenge

To fulfill its mission of being a personal bank in the digital age, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. needed to transform its customer service with a “digital first” strategy. Formerly, live call center agents served customers, but human-powered service isn’t easy to scale when call volume increases. And agents often were tied up handling routine requests, which kept them from providing higher value services.


ABN AMRO engaged IBM Global Business Services to develop a conversational AI assistant for retail and commercial banking customers. Powered by IBM Watson services, the assistant can automatically respond to routine queries. For more complex requests, it can understand the customer’s intent and forward the interaction to the right domain expert such as a mortgage or investment advisor. The result is a better digital customer experience and a more efficient contact center.

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    • GBS - CPT - CBDS: AI Solutions
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