Business Challenge

As digital technology disrupts traditional business models, companies that fail to adapt risk getting left behind. How could T-Impact build an IT services firm that was fit for the future?


T-Impact used IBM Cloud to fuel a fresh go-to-market strategy, bringing powerful business process automation and artificial intelligence offerings within the reach of small- and medium-sized clients.



new markets and revenue sources for T-Impact, driving continued success


enterprise IT solutions more affordable and accessible for smaller organizations


cloud services help T-Impact and its clients adapt quickly to changing demands

Business Challenge Story

Digital disruption

Technology is changing the face of business as we know it. Since 2000, 52 percent of companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist or dropped off the list. Digital upstarts have quickly moved to take their place, growing into billion-dollar companies seemingly overnight.

Disruption can happen at any time, in any country and in any sector. Companies that fail to adapt risk facing a bleak future. So, when Digital Transformation specialist T-Impact felt the first winds of change towards cloud, the company knew that it had to act fast.

Tim Pinchin, Head of Marketing at T-Impact, explains: “Just a few years ago, our client base was primarily made up of tier-1 banks, where we focused largely on automating high-volume, repeatable business processes. As a small firm, it was already a challenge for us to get in the door and onto the supplier lists for these big companies.

“When cloud hit the market, the rules of the game changed overnight. Suddenly, offerings from big-name brands like IBM came within the reach of smaller and medium-sized organizations for the first time. This development presented a valuable opportunity for us to capture market share and grow sales.”

IBM Cloud allows us to bring leading enterprise technology within easy reach of smaller companies.

Tim Pinchin, Head of Marketing, T-Impact

Transformation Story

Creating new opportunities with cloud

T-Impact decided to embrace the change and reinvent its business from the inside-out, embracing agile processes and launching new, cloud-enabled services. At the heart of this transformation has been IBM Cloud technology.

Tim Pinchin elaborates: “We decided to broaden our horizons and actively target small and medium-sized enterprises across a range of industries. IBM Cloud has made this change possible. Enterprise software is no longer restricted to big companies with big budgets—the cloud model makes it easy and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the latest and greatest technology."

Today, T-Impact is empowering customers in healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail and other sectors to lead successful digital transformation journeys. To help clients optimize their processes and drive new ways of working, T-Impact leverages a range of IBM solutions, including IBM Blueworks Live, IBM Business Process Manager [BPM] on Cloud, IBM Operational Decision Manager [ODM] on Cloud, and IBM Watson®.

For example, T-Impact has been working with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) to streamline the process of matching organs from donors to recipients. By using cloud-based BPM and ODM solutions to integrate end-to-end processes and automate key decision-making workflows, NHSBT can match recipients and donors faster—improving patient outcomes and helping medical teams work more efficiently.

In another project, T-Impact has helped a major UK bank to simplify and digitize core business processes, such as underwriting loans and onboarding new credit-card customers. T-Impact helped the bank reduce operating costs by 42 percent, accelerate onboarding for new customers by 25 percent, and cut development costs by 70 percent.

And it’s not just T-Impact’s clients who are reaping the benefits of cloud technology, as Tim Pinchin notes: “We have moved our entire business to the cloud—we no longer have servers in-house; everything now runs on cloud-based applications.

“The new approach helps us run a much more agile business, as we can spin up new systems and react to changing demands from both our clients and the business very quickly. It is also saving us a great deal of expense and effort, as we don’t have to worry about keeping software up-to-date or standing up and maintaining hardware.”

IBM Cloud has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us. We have significantly enriched our service portfolio, and we’re serving a completely new range of clients across many different sectors.

Tim Pinchin, Head of Marketing, T-Impact

Results Story

Thriving in a changing world

With innovative digital offerings, underpinned by IBM Cloud solutions, T-Impact can deliver greater value for its clients—helping them run better businesses.

“IBM Cloud allows us to bring leading enterprise technology within easy reach of smaller companies,” states Tim Pinchin. “Today, our smallest customer has just 28 employees. Thanks to cloud, we’re helping clients across the UK and beyond to unlock new efficiencies, improve profitability and shape a better customer experience. It’s a win-win situation, because when our clients succeed, it reflects positively on T-Impact as a service provider, strengthening our reputation and potentially winning us new business.”

Embracing cloud technology has opened valuable growth opportunities for T-Impact, enabling the company to develop new services and move into a much broader range of markets.

Tim Pinchin confirms: “IBM Cloud has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for us. We have significantly enriched our service portfolio, and can offer clients everything from process automation and decision management solutions to artificial intelligence and robotics technology. We’re also serving a completely new range of clients across many different sectors. Diversifying our operations in this way has helped boost revenues and reduce risk, as we are no longer confined to a narrow set of clients from a single industry—helping us to make our business more resilient and more profitable.”

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T-Impact designs, builds and optimizes solutions for its clients’ digital transformation journeys, specializing in process automation, robotics, decision management and artificial intelligence. Founded in 2003, T-Impact is headquartered in Oxfordshire in the UK and is soon to become an IBM Gold Business Partner.

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