Business Challenge

Operating in a competitive market where client expectations are rising fast, leading law firm SSEK wanted a way to deliver even more responsive services by empowering its people to work from anywhere.


SSEK is moving to a security-rich collaboration platform based on IBM® Connections™ Cloud—enabling its attorneys to work on matters anywhere, anytime and across any connected device.



responsiveness to clients by enabling employees to work anywhere, anytime

Up to 42%

reduction in operational costs predicted after transitioning to the cloud


SSEK’s services and enables the firm to nurture client loyalty

Business Challenge Story

Making the case for the cloud

Mobile devices are an indispensable part of modern life—and growing numbers of enterprises are embracing mobile apps to collaborate. For the legal profession, the increasing speed of business means that the pressure is on to deliver more responsive services to clients.

This is a key goal for SSEK, one of Indonesia’s leading law firms. Mr. Yulcandra, Head of IT at SSEK, explains: “In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in client expectations for fast access to their legal teams and attorneys. Our clients’ time is precious, and to deliver the kinds of responsive services that nurture long-term loyalty, we realized it was vital to ramp up the speed of collaboration across our business.”

Like many leading law firms, SSEK previously ran its email server and business systems on an on-premises platform. Although employees could access the internal systems remotely via a virtual private network (VPN) and replication services, the slow speed of the connection meant working in this way was impractical.

“The challenge with our old way of working was that messages and documents were, in practical terms, only accessible from inside our office network, which made it very difficult for our attorneys to respond to client requests at the speed businesses have come to expect,” continues Mr. Yulcandra. “For example, if an urgent client request arrived when one of our attorneys was on site at a meeting with another client, one of our secretaries would have to get in touch with the attorney over the phone or email and ask them to dictate their response.

“Our previous approach also made it difficult for our people to work quickly on team projects. If multiple attorneys needed to edit the same document simultaneously, they were often forced to paste their changes into the body of an email, and manually add them to the document. As well as taking up valuable time, this method made it difficult to ensure robust version control.”

To solve the challenge, SSEK decided to embrace a cloud-based approach to collaboration.

Mr. Yulcandra comments: “Many of our clients are already using mobile instant messaging platforms for their internal communications, and we looked for a solution that would deliver the same responsiveness without compromising on security.”

Thanks to IBM Connections Cloud, we are set to double our responsiveness—helping us to keep our clients satisfied and sharpen our competitive edge.

Mr Yulcandra, Head of IT, SSEK

Transformation Story

Embracing a security-rich platform

SSEK selected a security-rich managed services solution based on IBM Connections Cloud, IBM Connections Compliance for Mail and IBM Verse®. The cloud platform will empower the company’s attorneys to work together in digital communities anywhere, anytime and from any connected device, and collaboratively edit documents.

“Our goal is to help all our people to work together with their peers and clients seamlessly,” says Mr. Yulcandra. “Of all the solutions we considered, we felt that IBM Connections Cloud offered the best fit for our requirements. As well as providing a comprehensive range of capabilities, including instant messaging via IBM Connections Chat Cloud and online meetings through IBM Connections Meetings Cloud, the IBM solution will enable us to meet our stringent regulatory obligations by archiving all the email we send and receive for the appropriate period of time.”

He continues: “Handling sensitive data is a regular part of our day-to-day work—and any cloud platform we adopted had to satisfy rigorous standards around information security. IBM demonstrated that IBM Connections Cloud is architected in a way that aligns with our security and governance requirements—without a doubt, we trust IBM to protect our data.”

SSEK is now preparing to transfer its data from its existing on-premises IBM Notes® and Domino® platform to IBM Connections Cloud.

“We have relied on IBM Notes and Domino to support our workflows for many years, and in all that time the platform has never let us down,” comments Mr. Yulcandra. “Over the years, we have developed IBM Domino XPages applications to support key business processes, such as absence reporting for our human resource department. With IBM Connections Cloud, we can move our IBM Domino applications with minimal changes—reducing the time and effort required to start gaining the benefits of the cloud.

“By continuing our commitment to IBM collaboration solutions, we are also confident that we will benefit from a faster transition process compared to a platform from another vendor. Our IT team is already familiar with the look, feel and architecture of the IBM platform, which means we can transition seamlessly to managing the new solution. We also really appreciate the flexibility of IBM Connections Cloud—we can customize the solution to fit our processes, not the other way around.”

Results Story

Enhancing services, nurturing loyalty

With mobile collaboration in the cloud, SSEK will be in a strong position to deliver the kinds of responsive services that its clients expect.

“When our IBM Connections platform goes live, our attorneys will be able to work together on legal documents in the cloud simultaneously—eliminating the version-control challenges that come up when sharing multiple different versions of the same file via email,” explains Mr. Yulcandra.

“Better still, instead of using a slow VPN connection, our people will be able to work on urgent matters from their laptops at home or even while on the road from their mobile devices. We predict that this capability will enable us to double our responsiveness to client requests—enhancing the value of our services and helping nurture the loyalty of our clients.”

By embracing cognitive solutions for email, SSEK aims to help its attorneys to manage their work more effectively.

Mr. Yulcandra adds: “One feature of the IBM Verse email client that we believe will be very beneficial is its ability to surface emails from important or frequent contacts at the top of the screen—helping to ensure our attorneys always have the information they need close at hand.” 

By decommissioning its on-premises infrastructure and reducing its management, maintenance and power requirements, SSEK anticipates substantial savings.

“One of the great benefits of the cloud is how cost-efficient it is,” comments Mr. Yulcandra. “When our email accounts are transitioned to IBM Connections Cloud, we predict that we will reduce our operational costs by as much as 42 percent over five years. We will be able to spend the time that we save on management and maintenance to develop value-added services for the business.”

He concludes: “Today, our clients expect faster access to their legal teams than ever before. Thanks to IBM Connections Cloud, we are set to double our responsiveness—helping us to keep our clients satisfied and sharpen our competitive edge.”

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About SSEK Indonesian Legal Consultant

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, SSEK is a leading law firm offering corporate and commercial services across a comprehensive range of practice areas. With expertise in industries from banking and finance to oil and gas, SSEK is affiliated with international organizations including the Employment Law Alliance, Transatlantic Law International and American Chamber of Commerce Indonesia.

Solution Components

  • Connections Cloud (SaaS)
  • ICS: Domino
  • ICS: Notes
  • Notes/Domino on Cloud (SaaS)
  • Verse on Cloud (SaaS)

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