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When it seems like everyone’s applying to your business, how can you find the candidates best-suited to a role? Recruit-Drive saw a chance to use analytics to help employers cut through complexity.


Recruit-Drive assists employers in identifying the best candidates for job roles from large talent pools, using intelligent, automated behavioral and skills assessments based on IBM Kenexa solutions.



employers secure the best talent while boosting efficiency of evaluation processes


candidates with roles they are best-suited to, increasing job satisfaction


new clients to Recruit-Drive by differentiating the company from competitors

Business challenge story

Mapping out a new route

Technology is revolutionizing many parts of Nigeria’s economy, but one area that has been slower to evolve is human resources (HR). However, as new, progressive start-ups begin to spring up across the country, there is a growing appetite for HR innovations that can boost operational efficiency and deliver better results on the bottom line. Paul Ayeni, Managing Partner of Recruit-Drive, sets the scene: “In recent years, a financial transformation has swept across Nigeria, and software solutions are transforming how companies operate. We saw an opportunity to drive a similar change in HR, particularly when it comes to evaluating applicants for roles within companies.” Nigeria has a large, growing population with high levels of unemployment. Recruit-Drive was founded to bridge the gap between the large pool of talented job-seekers and employers looking for specific skills and personality types. “We recognized a clear trend: people struggling to break into the job market for a few years after graduation,” says Paul Ayeni. “Often, they only secured their first job because of personal connections, and even then they were often placed in roles for which they lacked the skills. Our vision is to turn Nigeria into a true meritocracy, where employers get the best talent and candidates get the jobs that best suit them. “Existing approaches to evaluation simply didn’t match up. Employers can receive thousands of resumes in response to a job posting, and cannot afford to take the time to sift through them all manually. We knew that the answer lay in introducing automation through the right technology.”  

Backed by IBM Kenexa solutions, we have found a reliable formula for helping our clients to identify the best talent in the marketplace.

Paul Ayeni, Managing Partner, Recruit-Drive

Transformation story

Turning on the ignition

Recruit-Drive found just what it was looking for in IBM Kenexa solutions. Drawing on IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments and IBM Kenexa Behavioral Assessments, the company is helping clients take the guesswork out of finding the right candidates. “As soon as we connected with the Kenexa team, we felt the relationship click,” comments Paul Ayeni. “We looked at competing offerings, but we were clear about what we wanted and only the IBM Kenexa solutions delivered. As a social scientist, the strong focus on psychometric assessment based on the latest data appealed to me.” Using IBM Kenexa Skills Assessments, Recruit-Drive can help its clients rapidly whittle down applicants using objective, data-driven measures rather than gut feeling. Once the company has identified the top-performing applicants, IBM Kenexa Behavioral Assessments helps to dive deeper into candidates’ aptitudes for specific roles or careers. “One example of our successes with Kenexa solutions came when we helped a digital marketing company with their internship program,” recalls Paul Ayeni. “Rather than inviting people to submit their resumes, which can often be full of redundant content, we encouraged applicants to provide only the data we’re interested in through an online assessment. Working with the client, we set a skills and performance threshold, which enabled us to bring forward only those candidates who are most suited to the internship, and invite them to a face-to-face interview.”

Results story

Speeding ahead

By enabling employers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruitment processes, Recruit-Drive helps its clients to identify top talent with greater ease. “With IBM Kenexa solutions, we can use proven tools to save huge amounts of time and money on the evaluation process, while also producing much better outcomes for employers and employees alike,” says Paul Ayeni. “Only candidates with some aptitude for a role make it past the first assessment, so that we don’t waste our clients’ time—or unqualified applicants’ time—on more appraisals. The result is a faster and more cost-effective recruitment cycle process.” Equally, by better matching applicants to job roles, the IBM Kenexa solutions help Recruit-Drive to deliver long-term benefits to its clients and successful candidates. “The beauty of IBM Kenexa Assessments is that it’s difficult for the results to mislead us, because generally there are no wrong answers to the assessment questions,” explains Paul Ayeni. “When the solution predicts a person is well-suited to a role, that candidate is more likely to flourish in that job, resulting in greater engagement and productivity: a win-win for the employer and their new employee.” By challenging traditional approaches to HR, Recruit-Drive is positioning itself to take advantage of the growing demand for greater automation and innovation. Paul Ayeni concludes: “The HR industry in Nigeria is dominated by a few big players that tend to focus on providing outsourcing services. We want to show companies that outsourcing isn’t the only approach. Backed by IBM Kenexa solutions, we have found a winning formula to help our clients identify the best talent in the marketplace, contributing to our mission to make Nigeria a fairer, more productive place to work.”

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About Recruit-Drive

Recruit-Drive’s mission is to empower both the workforce and employers in the Nigerian employment sector to adapt to functioning within a meritocratic recruitment system. The company was founded to bridge the gap between unemployment, a high-caliber workforce and technology in Nigeria, and ultimately, further afield in Africa.

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