Business challenge

To drive growth, Mobily wanted to inspire customers to use its mobile data services. To market these services in a more personalized way, it needed to be able to segment customers more accurately.


IBM® Watson® Customer Engagement solutions enable Mobily to predict customer preferences and define fine-grained segments that allow its marketing teams to deliver targeted offers on every channel.



churn using advanced predictive models


average revenue per mobile user


millions of dollars in financial benefits

Business challenge story

Targeting business growth

After winning a 45 percent share of its domestic mobile market in just four years, Mobily wanted to continue its fast-paced business growth. With the market nearing saturation, the company decided to shift its focus from increasing retention to growing average revenue per mobile user (ARPU).

Fakhar Iqbal Butt, VP Customer Base Management at Mobily, takes up the story: “The popularity of mobile data is exploding. Increasingly, our customers are using their phones more for apps than for traditional voice services, and this trend presents a major business growth opportunity.

“We realized that identifying customers with an appetite for data and offering them compelling new products and offers would create valuable upsell opportunities, and help us to drive up ARPU. The key was to match our data offerings—including on-demand media, games and mobile TV—to the relevant audiences.”

To achieve its goals, Mobily wanted to go beyond segmentation based on broad groups of customers, and create “micro-segments” based on actual behavioral data from individual customers. This would enable it to personalize its marketing activities to match unique customer needs and preferences.

Imran Mahmood, VP IT at Mobily, continues: “Previously, we relied on a number of distributed tools to manage our marketing processes. In addition to making it difficult to create fine-grained customer segments, developing and executing campaigns was a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. As a result, our marketing teams were unable to deliver timely, personalized messages to each customer.

“Additionally, our contact center teams had almost no visibility of a customer’s previous interactions with the brand on other channels. For example, if a customer had visited a store to ask about a certain device or mobile plan, there was no way for our contact center agents to find out what they had discussed with the in-store staff.

“As well as limiting our opportunities to inspire customers to make additional purchases, this disconnected approach to customer service reduced our ability to measure customer satisfaction and take preventative action to reduce the risk of churn.”

Thanks to our IBM solutions and the Accenture team’s expertise, we can deliver the best offers at the right time.

Fakhar Iqbal Butt, VP Customer Base Management, Mobily

Transformation story

Gaining deep insight into customer preferences

To solve its challenges, Mobily decided to replace its distributed approach to marketing with a single, centralized solution. After evaluating proposals from a number of solution vendors, the company selected IBM® SPSS® Modeler, and IBM Campaign and IBM Interact software, part of the IBM Watson® Customer Engagement portfolio.

“We selected IBM solutions because we were extremely impressed with their fine-grained segmentation, advanced propensity modeling and rules-based automation capabilities, which are prerequisites for delivering personalized customer experiences at scale,” says Imran Mahmood.

“Usability was also an important criterion. We wanted to empower our business users to design intricate campaigns without the aid of the IT department, and we were convinced that the intuitive business rules in IBM Campaign would meet that requirement.”

Mobily looked for an experienced partner to assist with deployment, configuration and knowledge-transfer.

“Of all the implementation partners we considered, we felt that Accenture was the best fit for our particular business needs,” says Fakhar Iqbal Butt. “As well as having a well-established presence in the Saudi Arabian market, the Accenture team demonstrated deep expertise in the communications industry. Crucially, Accenture offered a mature set of custom-developed propensity models—enabling us to tap into their years of insight into real-world customer behavior.”

Working together with Accenture, Mobily deployed its IBM solutions across the business. Imran Mahmood comments: “With Accenture’s guidance, we went live with our first IBM solutions within just three months, and we started seeing the value almost immediately.”

Results story

Deeper insights, tailored services

Today, thousands of personnel from Mobily’s contact centers, retail stores and marketing departments use IBM software to gain the deep insights they need to leave customers not just satisfied, but delighted—a vital differentiator in a saturated marketplace.

By integrating customer data from all its major channels, the company offers its business units a single view of every customer’s interactions with the Mobily brand.

“We are now bringing together multiple sources of data to enrich our understanding of each customer, including mobile usage patterns, usage frequency, in-store visits and calls to our contact centers,” says Fakhar Iqbal Butt.

“By analyzing this data using our propensity models, we can automatically generate ‘next best offers’—upsell suggestions tailored to each customer’s individual behavior. Thanks to next best offers, our in-store personnel and contact-center representatives can inspire customers with services and products they may not otherwise have considered—for example, mobile TV packages. In fact, we have boosted ARPU significantly, contributing to a return on investment equivalent to millions of dollars.”

The IBM solutions are also helping Mobily to shrink the risk of churn—safeguarding its market share and nurturing customer loyalty.

“By enhancing our customer churn models with deeper insight into real-world behavior, our retention teams can make compelling, tailored offers to customers who are thinking of leaving us,” says Imran Mahmood. “In the future, we plan to further enrich our churn scoring with network quality scores—enabling us to take fast action to discover the parts of the network where service quality issues are reducing customer satisfaction, and take corrective action.”

Equipped with its IBM solutions, Mobily is on target to drive its business growth in a highly competitive industry.

Fakhar Iqbal Butt concludes: “Succeeding in a saturated marketplace means understanding your customers on a personal level, and delighting them with a highly tailored service. Thanks to our IBM solutions and the Accenture team’s expertise, we can deliver the best offers at the right time—nurturing customer loyalty and increasing ARPU.”



Founded in 2004 in Riyadh by Etihad Etisalat, Mobily is the second-largest communications company in Saudi Arabia. It offers high-quality voice and data services to more than one million active subscribers, and generates annual revenues equivalent to approximately USD6.7 billion.

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