Business Challenge

Many clients running SAP applications at Finanz Informatik Technologie Service (FI-TS) were struggling to control database licensing costs. How could FI-TS solve its clients’ cost challenges?


FI-TS and IBM Business Partner Empirius migrated SAP solutions to IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows, taking advantage of advanced automation, ease of management and cost-effective licensing.


50% smaller

data volumes for SAP Bank Analyzer results in lower storage costs

EUR 350,000

annual cost savings

93% faster

system copying saves more than 400 days in system administration

Business Challenge Story

Meeting client demands

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service (FI-TS) supports IT operations for some of the leading financial services and insurance companies in Germany, providing everything from classical data center hosting to cloud computing services. With years of experience in the finance and insurance industries, FI-TS offers bespoke applications and services to meet clients’ exacting requirements.

Michael Klüsener, Head of SAP Services at FI-TS, elaborates: “Financial services and insurance companies are subject to strict regulations, particularly concerning data security and data manipulation. Complying with changing national and international regulations is a huge concern for all of our customers, which is why we offer specialized solutions and hosting services. Being able to offer our clients cost-efficient services supporting different database management systems is key to our business success.”

Being able to offer clients a choice of database management system and deliver on their demands for Db2 makes us more attractive as an SAP services provider.

Michael Klüsener, Head of SAP Services, Finanz Informatik Technologie Service

Transformation Story

Teaming up for success

Many clients running SAP applications at FI-TS were struggling to control their database licensing costs. The complexity of the application landscape, combined with the difficulty of keeping an accurate track of the relevant database licenses, tended to result in over-licensing.

Michael Klüsener comments: “We run any and all database systems that our clients bring us. However, based on our long experience of operating large SAP applications, including SAP Bank Analyzer and SAP Business Warehouse, we found that IBM Db2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows offers the perfect solution. Not only is IBM’s licensing model simple, straightforward and good value, IBM Db2 also offers excellent performance and sophisticated in-memory capabilities with BLU Acceleration.”

Working together with Empirius, FI-TS migrated around 60 SAP systems for one of its major clients from Oracle Database to IBM Db2 10.5 over an 18-month period.

“The Empirius team worked extremely hard to ensure that there was as little downtime as possible,” recalls Michael Klüsener. “They ran comprehensive tests and imported the data more than 150 times to make sure that they optimized all of the configurations perfectly. The support from Empirius and IBM was excellent, and together we were able to complete the database migration for the SAP applications on-time and on-budget.

“What’s more, thanks to the powerful compression features in IBM Db2 10.5, we were able to reduce the database size of one large SAP Bank Analyzer application by 50 percent, from 24 TB on Oracle Database to 12TB on IBM Db2. This has significantly reduced time spent on management, and cut backup time and space. This also has positive knock-on effects on reducing our storage costs; for example we will be able to delay increases in storage capacity in the future thanks to the IBM Db2 data compression feature.”

Underlying the cost-efficient database migrations and operations services is a range of software tools developed by Empirius. This includes BlueSystemCopy and BlueClone to automate the process of creating SAP system copies or sandboxes, enabling FI-TS to provide clients with test or development systems on demand.

Michael Klüsener explains: “The Empirius tools take advantage of the latest IBM Db2 features to automate common workflows. Using the scripted interface for Db2 Advanced Copy Services, Empirius integrates its tools tightly with IBM Db2—making for a seamless user experience.”

Results Story

Spoiled for choice

Today, FI-TS offers cost-efficient SAP application hosting with IBM Db2 and runs more than 60 client systems on the solution.

With the Empirius software tools, standard tasks that used to take between one and two days now take just two hours—93 percent faster. Michael Klüsener elaborates: “We make about 300 system copies per year, roughly one per day.

“The Empirius software in combination with IBM Db2 saves more than 400 days in system administration for our team. And by freeing up administrators’ time with standardized workflows, staff can focus on more complex tasks. Copy automation also eliminates the risk of human error—a win-win situation.”

Michael Klüsener remarks: “Running SAP systems on IBM Db2 works well—both for us and for our clients. IBM’s licensing model is very appealing and many clients have asked us to switch their systems to Db2, seeing a reduction in licensing costs as a result. Most importantly, being able to offer clients a choice of database management system and deliver on their demands for IBM Db2 makes us more attractive as an SAP services provider. Db2 offers great performance, and SAP batch jobs runs in the time same or faster than on Oracle Database. Clients are happy with running times, and lower licensing costs is the icing on the cake.”

Michael Klüsener concludes: “We are very satisfied with IBM Db2, so much so that we are currently evaluating Db2 BLU. We know that this is something that clients are interested in and we are only too happy to deliver on their demands for top-notch IBM solutions.”

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Finanz Informatik Technologie Service

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service (FI-TS) provides IT services to some of Germany’s leading banks, building societies, finance, and insurance companies. Headquartered in Haar, the company operates a total of five offices across the country, employs more than 1,000 people and reports annual revenues of EUR 330 million.

Solution Components

  • DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
  • Db2
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse

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