Business Challenge

Subgroups of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding wanted to increase the efficiency of their central services, cut costs, remain competitive and help their independent business units to flourish.


E.G.O. Blanc and Fischer consolidated its mission-critical SAP ERP and SAP Business Warehouse applications onto IBM Power System E870 servers with IBM AIX and IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration.


20 times faster

business insights improve agility and customer service

2 hours saved

in administration workload per week leading to reduced operating costs

40% lower

middleware license cost thanks to 40% faster per-core performance

Business Challenge Story

Striving for standardization to save costs

Subgroups of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding are manufacturing electronics and industrial components, commercial solutions and consumer products in separate divisions. Because the operational units serve different industries, each is driven by unique requirements. Over time, the divisions gradually developed their own business systems and ways of working. At the group level, while diversity was important, it negatively impacted central administrative and financial efficiency. BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding wanted to improve productivity of these central group functions, and reduce operating costs across all group companies.

By enhancing corporate efficiency, BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding would help the business divisions grow in markets around the world, in established regions such as Europe as well as explore new opportunities in South America and Asia.

Manfred Leistner, CTO at Blanc und Fischer IT Services, explains: “Continuing global growth meant that we had to think about standardizing business processes and consolidating IT resources to unlock cost savings. Our objective is to provide flexible, agile capabilities for our business divisions to allow them to respond quickly to changing requirements and increasing demands, while safeguarding business continuity.”

IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration provided an instant performance boost for our SAP Business Warehouse.

Manfred Leistner, CTO, Blanc und Fischer IT Services, a subgroup of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding

Transformation Story

Consolidating SAP operations with IBM POWER8

BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding relies on a range of SAP software to manage the business, and looked for ways to streamline IT management and consolidate system operations.

Manfred Leistner explains: “Fast access to business information is key to keeping manufacturing plants running and delivering good customer service. For this purpose, our business divisions heavily rely on integrated SAP applications for almost every aspect of business management, including SAP ERP, SAP ERP Human Capital Management, SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization and SAP Business Warehouse applications.”

Working with IBM and IBM Business Partner FRITZ & MACZIOL, BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding had already consolidated its SAP solutions from multiple instances and servers to the IBM POWER platform. Based on that foundation, the company identified an opportunity for further optimization, moving to IBM Power System E870 servers with IBM POWER8® processors.

By using sophisticated server virtualization techniques provided by IBM PowerVM®, the company could build an extraordinarily flexible, reliable and high-performance solution that would offer increased capacity at lower total costs of ownership.

Manfred Leistner continues, “Together with FRITZ & MACZIOIL, we migrated and consolidated our mission-critical workloads, including SAP ERP solutions, to the IBM Power System E870 servers, which provide the reliability we need to ensure excellent performance for all group companies cost-efficiently to maintain our high customer service quality.”

Using IBM PowerVM virtualization, the company operates about 20 production SAP systems used by 1,400 staff at peak times on the two IBM Power System E870 servers. BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding also runs IBM Connections™, IBM Domino®, and IBM WebSphere® Application Server on the IBM Power Systems™ environment.

To support the SAP applications, the company relies on the IBM AIX operating system and IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration. The powerful IBM POWER8 processors in combination with the flexible scalability of the virtualization help the company to run its SAP applications in a two-tier configuration, where the SAP application and the IBM Db2 database run in the same partition to make most efficient use of available resources and minimize network latencies between database and application.

The company went a step further to optimize performance and upgraded one SAP Business Warehouse application to IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration. Manfred Leistner says: “IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration scales wonderfully well up to our 30 cores on IBM POWER8—improving flexibility and minimizing downtime for business users.”

Data is managed within a fully virtualized storage environment based on IBM SAN Volume Controller, built with IBM Spectrum Virtualize™, and IBM Storwize® V7000 disk storage systems. BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding takes advantage of the integrated Easy Tier® feature to automatically move the most frequently used data to super-fast IBM FlashSystem 840 storage, transparently increasing performance by 20 percent across all its systems and platforms.

The automation provided by Easy Tier ensures that manual administration workload is minimized, while data is stored on the most appropriate device to optimize performance while ensuring the most cost-effective storage hierarchy.

BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding relies on the IBM cloud solution IBM MobileFirst™ Protect Devices to manage mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets efficiently.

Moving to IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration was easy and provided an instant performance boost for our SAP Business Warehouse. Analysts in the sales department can now gain new insights into markets and customers 20 times faster.

Manfred Leistner, CTO, Blanc und Fischer IT Services, a subgroup of BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding

Results Story

Performance boost reduces licensing costs

BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding estimates that moving from distributed scale-out application servers to a two-tier scale-up configuration on IBM POWER8 saved administrators about two hours maintenance and troubleshooting per week, reducing our overall operating costs.

The company has additionally embraced IBM Power Enterprise System Pools technology, with Elastic Capacity on Demand, which provides the ability to aggregate capacity over several systems. In the past, a failure at one data center would have slowed down its business applications by 40 percent. Thanks to IBM Power Enterprise System Pools, BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding has an agile, cost-efficient disaster recovery plan and is able to continue to provide full performance even with just one server, making sure that staff and customers will not be affected by a disaster.

Manfred Leistner concludes: “The upgrade to IBM POWER8 technology came with the biggest performance increase since we started using IBM Power Systems. We were delighted to see that on average we have gained a 40 percent performance improvement for all our diverse workloads. Even better, because of the faster single-core performance, we save up to 40 percent in software licensing costs when we can reduce the number of cores we use for an application without slowing down our business users.

“Moving to IBM Db2 with BLU Acceleration was easy and provided an instant performance boost for our SAP Business Warehouse. Analysts in the sales department can now gain new insights into markets and customers 20 times faster, helping them to make faster, better business decisions, act more quickly, and deliver better customer service. Consolidation to central systems has introduced standardization to company administration, and the simplified systems landscape is more agile and contributes to lower costs and greater efficiency, matching our corporate business objectives for enabling growth.”

Blanc und Fischer IT Services logo

Blanc und Fischer IT Services

The three subsidiaries, E.G.O-Group, BLANCO Group and BLANCO Professional Group, here summarized as BLANC & FISCHER Family Holding, are manufacturers of electronics and industrial components, kitchen sinks and medical facilities, employing 8,000 people, and achieving revenues of EUR 1.1 billion.

Solution Components

  • Db2
  • Electronics: Cognitive Supply Chain
  • IBM Cloud Pak System
  • IBM Power System E870
  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM-SAP Alliance
  • Notes/Domino
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization
  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization
  • SAP ERP Human Capital Management (SAP ERP HCM)
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
  • Software - PowerVM (not HPC, nor VA Linux)
  • Spectrum Virtualize
  • WebSphere Application Server

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