Business challenge

As business has expanded for 4ways Healthcare Limited (4ways), so has its need to support its teleradiology partners and internal IT team with more advanced technology and a more scalable and manageable imaging solution.


4ways’ upgrade to the Merge PACS 8.0 platform created simpler workflows and processing efficiencies, while also increasing service robustness for customers.


Efficiency gains

within workflows


Reduces percentage of managed data


service delivery to customers

Business challenge story

Growth and client support

4ways is a leading UK and European private teleradiology company that works as a partner for imaging centers and diagnostic providers to offer reporting capabilities for over 235 radiology consultants remotely. It offers full, around-the-clock radiology support with radiology allocation, dedicated customer assistance and expert IT help. 

As one of the largest teleradiology providers in the UK, 4ways had experienced rapid expansion over the last six years. Having grown its business by nearly 25% per annum during this period, 4ways had reached the limits of its previous PACS program and needed an upgraded system to meet its new volume and position itself for future growth, while still providing flexible and timely service to its customers.

To meet its expanded volume and business needs, 4ways was looking to:

  • Improve turnaround times
  • Improve its reporting system
  • Increase service robustness for customers
  • Help improve service delivery for customers
  • Support teleradiology partners, as well as its internal IT support team, with a more scalable solution

We are a people-focused company and we strive to provide exceptional support through enhanced reporting capabilities to all of our clients.

Alex Sweeting, Head of IT, 4ways Healthcare Limited

Transformation story

Seamless transition

4ways has been a client of Watson Health for 15 years, having worked with the Merge PACS solution since its inception. Its knowledge of the product and its ongoing relationship with Watson Health helped influence 4ways’ decision to upgrade to the latest PACS platform — 8.0.

Merge PACS software is a workflow platform that is designed to help simplify physicians’ reading activities. It can also empower IT leaders to have advanced control over the flow of studies throughout the enterprise. The PACS solution is designed to handle high-enterprise imaging volumes and perform in diverse reading environments, and it helps providers scale their delivery of care. The Merge PACS 8.0 upgrade introduces new automation features and an all-in-one business analytics system — components 4ways needed to meet its growth challenges.

Even with all the changes in the 8.0 release, the upgrade to the system was extremely intuitive, and the transition was seamless for the 4ways team. Additionally, they found the improved platform to be more functional and straightforward to administer, and a platform that can help them continue to expand and support their growing customer needs.

4ways has worked with Merge PACS since its inception and welcomed IBM Watson Health’s entry into this market, which has brought significant expertise and cutting-edge AI technology to the platform.

Ajay Chadha, Chief Executive Officer, 4ways Healthcare Limited

Results story

Long-term benefits

Between the expertise of the Watson Health team and the advanced AI-enabled features available in the Merge PACS solution, the 4ways team has seen significant improvements since upgrading to the 8.0 platform.

Efficiency gains

4ways has experienced increased processing efficiencies within its workflows due to the solution’s automatic distribution engine, ultimately reducing the number of keystrokes to perform actions and reducing opportunities for error and delays.

Service improvement

When efficiency is improved, performance improves. The 8.0 platform has helped 4ways to measure and manage performance of each radiologist more thoroughly and quickly, resulting in improved customer service and measurable outcomes with business analytics.

Technical performance

The increased visibility across all teams provides quicker turnaround times by delivering content only to specific teams, allowing reports to be delivered in a timelier manner. This has resulted in increased turnaround times for all.

Scalable and manageable

The upgraded platform has helped the 4ways internal team streamline and manage their data — and their business — significantly better. An increase in storage bandwidth will also help 4ways prepare for the future as it continues to grow.

We’re pleased to have implemented best-in-class technology that will deliver even greater value for our clients and teleradiology partners. The successful upgrade to IBM Watson Health’s Merge PACS 8.0 platform underlines the importance we place on offering the very best IT solutions. The investment is another way that we are distinguishing ourselves as a market leader in teleradiology reporting and a very important step towards continuous upscaling and embracing of AI as it develops globally.

Ajay Chadha, Chief Executive Officer, 4ways Healthcare Limited

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4ways Healthcare Limited

4ways (external link) is a leading UK and European private teleradiology company that enables UK-based radiologists to work remotely over a leading technology platform. Its mission is to deliver the best, most flexible and cost-effective radiology diagnoses, contributing to better clinical decision making and improved patient outcomes. 4ways provides access to over 235 experienced, expert radiology consultants who cover a wide range of specialities and super specialities. Full radiology support is offered around the clock, with radiology allocation to the most appropriate radiology consultants, dedicated customer service and expert IT assistance.

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