For over 25 years, 3M’s Filtrete brand has been helping consumers improve indoor air quality with products that help remove the onslaught of pollen, particles, and dander, among others. Filtrete came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to better understand weather conditions that can cause a sales spike for air filtration products, and leverage weather and location data to better reach relevant audiences in regions with poor air quality.

Through a custom data analysis of Filtrete’s sales data in conjunction with IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting and first-party location data, Filtrete uncovered insights about the seasons and local weather conditions that have the highest impact on sales of Filtrete Air Filters, such during the spring/summer transitional period, and when the forecast indicates a high dew point.

Using these insights, IBM Watson Advertising created custom Weather Targeting triggers for Filtrete that delivered messaging on The Weather Channel app and website to relevant consumers in specific regions when they were experiencing weather conditions likely to drive sales. By tapping into these insights, Filtrete was able to ensure that their marketing messages were contextually relevant and precisely targeted to affected audiences.


As a result of this campaign, Filtrete saw a positive and significant uplift of 2.4% in filter sales.

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson