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Learning paths on SkillsBuild Power your future—explore free lessons and digital credentials Use software and hands-on resources to learn about data science, artificial intelligence, security and more. Start learning on SkillsBuild
Career JumpStart: A Professional Foundations Program

Build your technical, workplace and career exploration skills and discover your best fit for a career path with this self-guided, digital learning journey.

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Master vital skills for professional success and core soft skills needed in the information technology workforce, such as presenting, collaborating and problem solving.

Your Future in AI: The Job Landscape

Learn about the AI job market’s rapid growth and the skills needed for success in this exciting field.

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Learn the basics of AI and machine learning algorithms with free skills training and courses.

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Explore data science courses that help you understand opportunities to increase business performance, find new revenue and improve efficiency.


Enjoy hands-on access to leading enterprise cybersecurity solutions that IBM offers for learning and developing highly sought-after cybersecurity skills.

Digital credentials for college students

Stand out to professional networks and potential employers for your AI, data science, cloud, cybersecurity and information technology skills.

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"My long-term goal is to develop more equitable technologies."
Will shares his formula for success: Think, adapt, create Motivation, inspiration, persistence and resilience What surprised me about my IBM internship
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