What's one of the top issues keeping leaders up at night? Talent. The labor market is tight. The skills in demand are constantly changing. Disruption is everywhere. Regardless of industry, companies are struggling to find the right talent, keep them skilled, and once they are skilled - retain them. The healthcare industry is no different. It is significantly impacted as a result of technology changes alone. In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Reimagine talent acquisition to attract and retain the right talent
  • Understand brand positioning, which candidates to interview, and how to seamlessly onboard new hires
  • Reduce costs while maintaining a stellar experience with benefits and employee call center management


The enterprise guide to closing the skills gap

While digital skills remain important, soft skills have surpassed them in importance for executives around the world.The half-life of skills continues to shrink, while the time it takes to close a skills gap has ballooned. Executives must find ways to stay ahead of skills relevancy. Executives recognize that advances in intelligent automation will significantly impact the workforce. Millions of workers may require retraining/reskilling, and most executives surveyed don’t believe their country is prepared.