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Return to Work: Optimizing for Success in the New Normal

In response to COVID-19, organizations have had to navigate uncertainty and adapt to changing conditions in order to address the needs of their business, employees, members and clients. Join us for an engaging discussion on how organizations can use data and insights to assist in reopening the workplace, with a focus on keeping employees healthy and informed.

Envisioning the Future: Quantum Computing Opportunities in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Quantum computing may still seem like science fiction to some but the future is closer than you think.  In February, 2020 Anthem was among the latest to join IBM's "Q" Network a community of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, startups and national research labs working to develop advance quantum computing and identify practical commercial applications.  Listen to this session for a peek into the role that quantum computing might play in addressing healthcare's data challenges. 

Modernizing the Health Plan Claims Eco-System

Legacy claims system are inadequate to support the shifting healthcare landscape and can become roadblocks to implementing strategic enhancements.  This session discusses structured and minmially disruptive approaches to modernizing the claims eco-system end to end to increase operational savings, provider engagement and member and employee satisfaction.

Journey to Cloud: IBM & RedHat

As industries move to next-generation hybrid multi-cloud platforms to optimize their business every organization may be at a different point in their cloud journey. Matching the right workloads to the right cloud environment while orchestrating a consistent management framework can greatly improve the end results.  Listen to this session to discuss a framework for enterprise cloud planning leveraging open source and Kubernetes based container platforms to modernize infrastructure and applications.

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