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Privileged Access Management On-Premises or in the Cloud

IBM Security Secret Server makes it easy to identify and secure all service, application, administrator, and root accounts across your enterprise. Through continuous discovery, you’ll be able to curb privileged account sprawl and gain a full view of privileged access in your organization. Unlike traditional, more complex PAM solutions, IBM Secret Server is easy to use and fast to deploy, available both on-premises or in the cloud. Get started today with powerful password vaulting, auditing and privileged access control. With IBM Secret Server, empower your security and IT ops teams to keep all types of privileged accounts safe.

Improve Security

Protect privileged accounts to reduce your attack surface.

Unburden IT Teams

Control privileged access with a simple user interface.

Meet compliance mandates

Maintain compliance and avoid financial penalties.

Scale your PAM

Efficiently manage large-scale, distributed environments.

Get Started Rapidly

Experience incredibly quick setup and configuration.

Key Features

  • Discover privileged, shared and service accounts
  • Protect passwords with a secure, encrypted vault
  • Change passwords automatically when they expire
  • Monitor and record privileged sessions, log keystrokes
  • Manage and interact with multiple remote sessions
  • Make use of an unlimited number of distributed engines
  • 24x7 access to IBM Support
  • Integrate with the IBM Security portfolio
  • Utilize IBM Security Expert Labs
  • Utilize IBM Security PAM Professional Services
  • Experience unlimited applications and SDK
  • Simple IIS and SQL stack for easy deployment

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