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zSecure Command Verifier enforces security policies

IBM® Security zSecure™ Command Verifier provides an additional security layer that enables you to compare each IBM Resource Access Control Facility (RACF®) command to your security policies prior to processing. Prevent security changes that can reduce the availability and compliance of systems and cause security database pollution, policy violations and security vulnerabilities. Take control of RACF commands to provide the continuous security and compliance of your RACF environment.
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Monitors policy enforcements

Commands are intercepted as they are entered and compared to your security policy to determine whether or not they should be run.

Reduces risk and saves time

Retrieve information on changes in seconds, saving hours of log file research and reducing the risks associated with accidental or malicious actions performed by privileged users.

Increases security control

Define and specify more focused commands using RACF policy. Generate alerts and grant commands beyond general verifications.

Key Features

  • Policy monitoring enforcement protects data
  • Retrieves command information quickly
  • Defines and determines different types of verification
  • Works independently of other solutions in the zSecure suite
  • Integrates with common IBM platforms
  • Scalable for big data systems