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Begins with IBM® DB2® 9 for z/OS®. A portion of DB2 for z/OS V8 utility functions (LOAD, REORG, and REBUILD INDEX) can be redirected to the zIIP. A portion of DB2 for z/OS V8 and DB2 9 DB2 utilities for sorting fixed-length records can be eligible for zIIP.

Requires IBM System z10 or later and z/OS V1.10 or later in an LPAR. Requires the following configuration statements to enable HiperSockets Multiple Write and zIIP enablement: To enable Multiple Write, use GLOBALCONFIG IQDMULTIWRITE. To enable zIIP, use GLOBALCONFIG ZIIP IQDIOMULTIWRITE.

Many IBM applications use z/OS XML System Services and, as a result, can have portions of their workloads eligible for the zAAP or zIIP processor. In order to exploit z/OS XML System Services with a zAAP, the following prerequisites are required:

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Please review the table for XML System Services eligibility.

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IBM z14, z13 and z13s mainframes offer support for zIIP processors; zAAP processors are no longer supported. With z/OS V1.11 and later, z/OS allows zAAP eligible workloads to run on zIIPs.

The zIIP-assisted IPSec is integrated in z/OS V1.9 and higher.

Most z/OS DFSMS SDM (System Data Mover) processing associated with zGM/XRC is eligible to run on the zIIP: z/OS V1.10, or z/OS V1.9 with PTF UA39510; IBM System Storage DS8000, or any storage controller, supporting z/OS Global Mirror; and IBM System z9® or System z10® server with zIIPs.

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