IBM Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms features

Interactive development environment

Interactive programming is supported through a GUI session manager. Using Microsoft® Windows™, program, data and dialog editors are integrated with the session manager. A library manager supports browsing and comparing the active workspace, saved workspaces, transfer files and namespaces. IBM® APL2® provides tools for building GUI applications including ActiveX controls on Windows. Programs written in other languages can be called using normal APL2 syntax.

COM interface

The COM external function supports access to Microsoft Component Object Model objects.

No-cost runtime library

A subset of the APL2 system is provided that can be redistributed at no cost to deploy applications without requiring users to acquire an APL2 license.

Flexible programming interface

The APL2 programming interface allows programs written in APL2, C, Java® and Visual Basic to start APL2 interpreters, call APL2 functions and access APL2 arrays.

Cooperative processing

APL2 enables you to distribute data and processing among multiple APL2 systems connected through TCP/IP. The APL2 systems on CMS, TSO, AIX®, Linux®, Sun Solaris and Windows all contain the following features: Cross system shared variables for synchronization and data transfer in a distributed processing environment. A TCP/IP socket interface for communicating with non-APL applications. Program control of an APL2 session by another application or APL2 user. Remote session manager capability.

Universal graphics

The graphics processor supports generating high-quality graphics, text and images using a simple command syntax. The GRAPHPAK workspace is compatible with versions offered on all of the APL2 systems.

Performance monitor

The TIME workspace allows for analysis of APL2 programs to determine performance bottlenecks.

Application development workspaces

Example and utility workspaces are provided which can be used directly or modified for individual needs.

National language support

APL2 accepts system commands and issues messages in several national languages. Unicode data is supported by the Tcl interface and the HTTP server. The APL2 Tcl interface supports access to the Tcl command language, which provides a wide variety of tools for string parsing, file IO and building GUIs.

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Technical details

Software requirements

  • AIX - AIX 5.0 with Motif 1.2 and X Window System X11R5 or later
  • Linux-Intel - Linux for PC machines with glibc 2.3.2, Motif 2.2 and X Window System X11R6 or later
  • Solaris - Solaris 7 with Motif 1.4 and X Window System X11R5 or later
  • Windows - Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Hardware requirements

IBM Workstation APL2 for Multiplatforms runs on IBM AIX®, Linux for PCs, Sun Solaris and Microsoft Windows.

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