Feature spotlights

Care management workflows

Supports multiple initiatives at scale, including care transitions, palliative care, complex case management, chronic disease management and social program management.

Health summary

Presents a comprehensive health summary using structured and unstructured information available from across the organization’s systems. Includes care plan activity, notes, problems, allergies, medications, laboratory results and more.

Structured programs

Enables holistic care management using one care plan for co-morbid conditions, including diabetes, heart failure, COPD, hypertension and more.

Notes summarization

Uses natural language processing to mine free text notes for key concepts, helping care managers quickly access information that is most relevant to their next interaction.

Care mentor

Scales the knowledge and experience of seasoned care managers to suggest the most appropriate and effective goals and actions to consider at the next touchpoint.

Interoperability with IBM Watson Health solutions

Works with IBM Explorys EPM, IBM Watson Health Patient Engagement or Truven for targeted care management.

Third-party system integration

Integrates administrative, clinical and other data from multiple sources and works in combination with EHRs to enable an enterprise-wide approach to population health management.

Oversight and management tools

Helps maximize staff efficiency and program efficacy and helps prove value-based care models by enabling the alignment of financial drivers of care management with daily activities.

Intuitive user interface

Provides role-based access to the system for care managers, care team members, supervisors and administrators – Uses responsive web design to support tablets and smartphones, as well as PCs.

Watson Health Cloud

Built on the Watson Health Cloud as a HIPAA-enabled SaaS offering, so every customer is always on the current version of the software.

Customer case studies

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Helping juvenile treatment court improve efficiency and outcomes with an IBM Watson Health solution

Montgomery County Juvenile Court
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Sonoma County and IBM working together to change lives

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