AI Powered Captioning

Need an accurate, reliable method of automatically generating closed captions? IBM Watson Captioning leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and simplify the process of caption generation for live broadcasts and on-demand video content. The technology learns with you as well, expanding the AI's contextual and vocabulary capabilities the more you use it.
IBM Watson Captioning

Automated Captioning

Automated speech-recognition capabilities ingest audial elements of video to generate captions with smart layout algorithm, segmenting caption cues at natural breaking points for greater readability.

Editable Generated Captions

For on-demand content, captions can be reviewed and corrected from a web-based panel with suggested edits seen in virtually real-time. The AI will learn based on edits made to the generated captions.

Teachable AI

The AI functionality of the solution is self-learning through edits made to the automatically generated captions. It can also be taught by expanding vocabulary or uploading sample texts for reference.

Scheduling for Live

Manage a calendar to schedule out live sessions and feed the AI scripts ahead of a broadcast for greater context and expanded vocabulary.

Support for Multiple Workflows

IBM Watson Captioning can support numerous workflows, from broadcast TV to web distribution, with support for caption delivery through formats like CEA-608 captions or the VTT format.

Isolated instance

Each instance of IBM Watson Captioning is isolated: any vocabulary training or contextual training support is exclusive to the instance, and is not used in other instances of the service.

Key features

  • Web-based editor and vocabulary training interface
  • Editor panel with real-time preview of caption changes
  • Downloadable captions for on-demand video in a VTT format
  • Uses Newsroom Control System scripts to pre-train for live

Product images

Train the AI on new words
Train the AI on new words
Edit generated on-demand captions online
Edit generated on-demand captions online
Schedule events for live captioning
Schedule events for live captioning
Expand audience by providing captions
Expand audience by providing captions