What it can do for your business

The IBM VM Recovery Manager for Power Systems is an easy to use and economical high availability and disaster recovery solution. Automation software, installation services and remote-based software support help you streamline the process of recovery, raising availability, recovery testing and maintain a state-of-the-art high availability and disaster recovery solution. Built-in functionality and IBM support can decrease the need for expert-level skills and shorten your recovery time objective, improve your recovery point objective, optimize backups and better manage growing data volumes.
IBM VM Recovery Manager for IBM Power Systems

High availability and disaster recovery

Automation software helps Power Systems users restart virtual machines to a backup environment, local or remote  for high availability and disaster recovery and recovery operations.

Reduce costs

If the application does not require PowerHA clustering, this solution avoids the cost of duplicate software licenses, and the added complexity of implementing and managing traditional clusters.

Disaster recovery compliance testing

Fail-over automation streamlines disaster recovery testing, and disaster recovery rehearsal enables disaster recovery testing without disruption to production.

Streamline recovery

The solution provides an automated way to manage data replication and the server and network management tasks associated with restarting systems, applications and workloads at remote locations.