What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Train Tickets expedites the ticketing process by providing reservation information, connections and schedule information to the attendant. Train Tickets gives attendants everything they need to efficiently validate and sell tickets. It gives them access to each passenger’s reservation and schedule information and it helps them quickly identify cross-sell opportunities, such as available seat upgrades. It improves capacity planning and scheduling by having travel data at the touch of a button. Attendants can more accurately manage train capacity while providing a better customer experience overall.

Use real-time dynamic ticket pricing

Efficiently scan ticket barcodes with the built-in camera. Provide real-time, dynamic ticket pricing, based on location, destination, fare type and available inventory.

Take advantage of a mobile solution

Easily view accurate, relevant reservation and capacity data that streamlines the boarding process and increases on-time departures.

Quickly gain access to more information

Scan and store customer loyalty and discount cards. Offer helpful information about connecting trains, track delays and route changes.

Accept a variety of mobile payments

Offer printed or digital tickets and receipts via Messages, AirDrop and email.

Four good reasons to use Train Tickets

  • Take advantage of powerful analytics
  • Attendants gain flexibility, adding to traveler satisfaction
  • Increase the efficiency of train attendants
  • The app is backed by a great service plan