End-to-end support for the deep learning workflow

IBM® Spectrum Conductor Deep Learning Impact is add-on software to IBM Spectrum Conductor. It enables you to build a deep learning environment that allows data scientists to focus on training, tuning and deploying models into production. Quickly get started working your data for deep learning, avoid highly manual and repetitive steps and bypass the need for specialized domain knowledge. The solution deploys with simple software downloads that give data scientists everything they need to build a distributed deep learning environment in hours rather than days or weeks—and easily manage it as the environment grows.

Achieve faster time to results

Distributed training on multiple servers and GPUs includes optimized software and frameworks to accelerate training times.

Improve accuracy

Greater neural network model accuracy with hyper-parameter search and optimization, and with training visualization and tuning assistance.

Reduce time preparing data

Less time spent importing, transforming and preparing data. Use Apache Spark to manage data sources and imports.

Imporove ROI with shared resources

Better ROI with multi-tenant access to shared resources, which allow multiple data scientists to run different models at the same time on the same resources.

Simplify administration

A consolidated framework for deep learning, monitoring and reporting enables you to achieve faster time to results with simplified management.

Add to IBM Spectrum Conductor

Add a deep learning solution to IBM Spectrum Conductor. This highly available multitenant framework is designed to build a shared, enterprise-class Apache Spark environment.

Key features

  • Multitenancy
  • Distributed data ingest, transformation and training
  • A distributed training fabric
  • Support for large models
  • Helps avoid interruptions during training
  • Training visualization and tuning
  • Hyper-parameter search and optimization
  • Technical specifications

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