What it can do for your business

IBM MobileFirst for iOS Rapid Handover empowers foremen to record essential activities and use predictive analytics for better decision making. Foremen struggle to keep productivity up and gaps in communications down as they move on and off their shifts. Many foremen rely on spreadsheets and verbal directions to act on critical details – which can lead to increased production time, errors and safety risks. Rapid Handover’s mobile flexibility and built-in analytics can help foremen provide a more informative and productive shift transition for everyone.

Get the big picture of what is going on

Rapid Handover provides real-time shift data. The app captures and prioritizes a list of all completed and open tasks from the previous shift.

Consolidate key information in one place

Foremen can quickly identify shift performance, equipment status and correlated constraints through the app’s single portal – keeping their team informed of pertinent activities.

Use the mobile device for efficiency

Make decisions on the go around safety and productivity improvement – reducing errors and downtime in production.

Four good reasons to use Rapid Handover

  • Use the power of analytics to increase productivity
  • Go mobile for greater flexibility
  • Empower foremen for greater efficiency
  • The app is backed by a great service plan