Feature spotlights

Anomaly detection, alerts and natural language search

Leverage machine learning, pattern detection, and data science expertise to automatically detect and alert your team to anomalies in volume, velocity, and value patterns throughout your B2B documents and transactions. Users see a holistic view of all relevant transactions in a single dashboard. Natural language search empowers business users to ask questions and receive answers using business terminology, rather than technical IT jargon.

Multi-party, secure shared ledger of digital transactions

Our blockchain-enabled business network provides frictionless, secure connectivity and collaboration with customers partners and suppliers. Empower visibility, transparency, and trust with an immutable, secure shared record of real-time digital events across your supply chain.

Real-time visibility; trend analysis and dashboards

In-depth reporting capabilities provide real-time views and status of documents to monitor and track incoming and outgoing B2B transactions. Spot failures, trends and unexpected events so you can rapidly identify and resolve document issues. Customize dashboards and reports to analyze divisional, department, customer or supplier transaction activity. Integration with SAP improves end to end visibility of document processing to provide better line of sight to document tracking.

Any-to-any connectivity

Streamline connections and collaboration with your customers, suppliers, and trading partners to digitize and automate all B2B transactions across your supply chain. Scale to accommodate customers, suppliers, and trading partners with a unique, diverse set of business translations, industry requirements, and government regulations. Supporting technology including (X12, EDIFACT, XML, Web Services), industry and government (PEPPOL, e-invoicing, RosettaNet) requirements.

Premium managed services

Designated IBM trusted advisors and technical subject matter experts provide tailored proactive support to sustain and optimize your global B2B/EDI operations. A dedicated project executive is with you every step of the way helping you manage the peaks and valleys of your business. Worldwide community support ensures personalized assistance is available for you and your trading partners when you need it around the clock.

Expanding self-service capabilities

Maintain control of the day to day management of your B2B trading partner community while still realizing the benefits of a managed service cloud offering by utilizing expanding self-service capabilities to onboard new or edit existing trading partner configurations.

IBM data security best practices

IBM's secure engineering and privacy-by-design best practices ensure security readiness for your network and data. We continuously evaluate best practices and evolve policies to be at the forefront of security standards.

Seamless PEPPOL support for B2G and B2B trade

Exchange PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) documents with European, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand customers, suppliers, and trading partners through a single source. Leverage the synergies of global electronic trade standardization and simplification, using IBM's PEPPOL services, regardless of location, without having to work through multiple systems.

e-Invoicing signature, validation and archiving

Transform and optimize your international invoice processes to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with tax compliant electronic invoices. Automate manual invoice processes, archives and audits in accordance with tax regulations while maintaining compliance across multiple countries.

Automation of small partner interactions

Effortlessly exchange business documents electronically over the internet with small trading partners who currently communicate via fax, email, phone, or paper. Extending EDI capabilities to trading partners regardless of size, technical expertise, or budget restrictions.

Catalog management for product ordering

Catalog management makes it easier for you to sell your entire suite of brands online. As a supplier, upload your catalogs to buyer systems or publish catalogs via a website for your customers to buy from.

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